Best Unlimited Data Plans in 2017

The smartphone revolution has totally changed over time, less service providers, no mobile internet, no unlimited calls and text, however the only thing you may have been worried about is overage costs for talk minutes, nowadays the only biggest factor that can cause a huge data bill is data overage.

Even though you can still save a good deal of dollars by buying a prepaid smartphone, and insulating your self from overages you might be worried that your own data could expired at a bothersome time, making you have to access to the web the most. The great news is that a lot of prepaid smartphone plans contain an unlimited data deal, you can also include the reality of understanding how much you will be billed monthly, in addition to not need to be worried about losing your data flow to the billing division.

One of the best aspects of unlimited data plans is the ability to travel with your phone and internet at all times. There are many situations where unlimited data plans are very helpful for your convenience and support. The availability of cheap data can be useful when you are doing a number of things throughout the city.

The benefits of unlimited data plans are manifold. First of all, if you are somebody that uses a lot of data or internet on your phone, you can save a lot of money. Most plans try to charge you by the minute or by the amount of space you use while surfing the net. Finding unlimited data plans can go a long way to saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.

The Best Unlimited Data Plans in 2017

Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans

Boost Mobile is prepaid service provider that appeals to the young and hip target market. Their coverage is provided by Sprint and based in California. Boost Mobile has been providing prepaid services for the last six years.

Boost Mobile provide an unlimited data plan, however their cost size is multi layered and as soon as you attain an unlimited data it will be prohibitively high-priced in comparison with the competitors.

boost Mobile best unlimited data plan 2016

Unlimited GIGS Plan
  • $50/Month: Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plus other features
Family Plan
  • $60/Month: 2 Lines Gets Unlimited Talk, Text and Data at High Speed

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans

Virgin Mobile offers two different plans, first plan called PayLo which have a great value, unfortunately with non unlimited data, but second plan which called Beyond Talk offers unlimited data, 500 voice minute and text or go for unlimited vice talk, text and data for $55 per month.

Virgin Mobile unlimited data plans

$35/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB Data Plus Streaming Music
$45/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB Data Plus Streaming Music

Sprint Unlimited Plans

Sprint has offered great unlimited data plans to customers much like other companies. Other providers have been able to offer different deals for unlimited data plans, but most of them have discontinued their service because it has not been feasible to maintain it.
Now Sprint has the market cornered because they are one of the only providers that is willing to offer quality unlimited data plans for a good price.

Sprint best unlimited phone plans 2016

You can have up to 10 lines on your plan. The first additional line costs $40 per month. Each line after that is $30 per month.

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Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plans

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid no contract cheap cell phone service brand that utilizes the AT&T network and is now owned by AT&T too. Back in Spring 2014 AT&T dropped its AIO wireless brand to focus on its acquisition of Cricket which would become the company’s low cost brand.

cricket wireless unlimited cell phone plans

$70/Month Plan
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
  • Unlimited International Texting
  • Unlimited High Speed Data

MetroPCS Unlimited Data Plans

MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service that was recently acquired by T-Mobile. There is nationwide talk, text, and data available through T-Mobile’s networks. It’s the sixth largest telecommunications network in the United States and uses CDMA technology.

metropcs unlimited data plan 2016

$60/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited Data at up to 4G LTE Speeds

TPO Mobile Unlimited Plans

THE People's Operator are a low cost, SIM-only mobile virtual network who allow their customers to give a proportion of their mobile spend to a charity of their choice.

tpo Mobile best unlimited data plans 2016

Hero Plan For $50/Month - Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB of Data
Infinity Plan For $54.99/Month - Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited Data

AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T is one of the most successful and biggest communications company in the world with $120 billion in revenues and employing more than 300 thousand worldwide. In the field of telecommunications, it serves 72.9 subscribers and the number is growing fast with its innovation in wireless service. AT&T is also the sole network carrier for the revolutionary iPhone 3G as well as the basic iPhone in the United States.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile operators in the U.S. with over 100 million customers worldwide. T-Mobile merged with SunCom Wireless and is based in Bellevue, Washington. It offers a wide array of voice and data services for both domestic and international calling needs. The company’s tagline, “Stick Together”, encourages consumers from all walks of life to live, work and play using their advanced wireless services.

It costs $70 per month. If you want to add a second line, that’ll cost $50 per month. After that, you can add up to eight more lines, with each of those at $20 per month.

High Usage Data Plans 

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless prides itself in being the most profitable mobile carrier in the US. Based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, it has a strong population of about 70 million customers. Its customer loyalty and low churn are notable as it continues to expand its network coverage across the country.

Verizon Wireless offers for $50 per month an unlimited options cell phone web internet and a pay as you go option for smartphone users, they could find the internet mobile not enough and doesn’t fit their needs. Also $60 for 500 MB data and $70 for 2 GB of data plan.


Net10 Wireless provides an best unlimited data plan, voice talk and text messages for $50 per month, or you can go for $45 monthly by choosing the auto-refill option. This high rated popular service it fit the needs of the most of their users.

net10 best cell phone plans 2016

$60/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 7GB Data
$75/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB Data

Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless offers an unlimited voice talk, text messages and data for $45 a month, which is make it a great deal for many users. The negative aspect is the fact that they have a poor reputation as long as support service goes which reduces their score significantly.
straight talk unlimited data plan in usa

$60/Month Plan - Unlimited International Talk, Text and 5GB Data

Unlimited Data Plans – In Conclusion

If you want to save money on your phone bill then the best way to do so is through unlimited data plans. These days it is increasingly important to do business on the phone and have your email or internet available at any time of the day. People who need these capabilities can’t afford to have different and greatly varied costs on a monthly basis, but instead need a fixed cost that allows them to do their work normally and without question. For this, unlimited data plans are obviously the way to go.

If you spend lots of time on the internet and travel many hours during the week then unlimited data plans might be for you. Instead of spending different amounts every month, it is far more useful for you to simply pay the amount you want to pay at a fixed rate and then be done with it. Having unlimited data plans can help you save hundreds of dollars every year so there is no reason to delay!

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