Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

With the vast number of prepaid cell phone plans on the market, it can be downright confusing to compare each one of them. All these prepaid plans seem to have different pricing structures as well as activation periods.

Many people are switching over to prepaid cell phone plans because they are sick of dealing with the phone companies that make them sign two-year contracts, which they cannot change if they are unhappy with the phone or the service. However, not all plans are created equal. Take the time to research prepaid cell phone plans so that you get best cell phone plan for your money.

When comparing prepaid cell phones you need to look at one thing – the activation period. The activation period is the amount of time that the minutes you purchase are usable. Your minutes expire at the end of the activation period.

Prepaid plans can be MUCH cheaper than traditional contract plans . At one time they were more expensive, but a few years ago prepaid rates started coming down. Now they are cheaper than contract plans.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile cell phone plans

Boost Mobile has its Prepaid Plan which includes unlimited talk, text and different amount of data for $30, $35 and $40 a month. it also offers an unlimited data plans for $50/Month.

Check Out Boost Mobile Phone Plans — View Plans

Cricket Wireless Prepaid Plans

cricket wireless cell phone plans

Cricket Prepaid comes in six monthly plans for $30, $40, $50 and $60. Most of the plans have unlimited access to various features like anytime minutes, messages, long distance, calling features and web access. These features will be discussed later.

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AT&T Prepaid Plans

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T Prepaid offers the GoPhone Prepaid plans which the company is proud to say will liberate subscribers from hidden charges. This prepaid plan comes in two ways – Pay As You Go Plan and the GoPhone plan.

Check Out AT&T Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

Metro PCS Prepaid Plans

metropcs cell phone plans

Metro PCS Prepaid plans use a flat rate billing method with an offering of unlimited local calling plan for $30 as well as unlimited local and long distance plans for $30 to $50 per month.

Check Out MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

Net10 Prepaid Plans

net10 cell phone plans

Net10 offers a variety of unlimited monthly, pay-as-you-go, flexible monthly plans and international calling plans depending on what you need. They have several plans that offer discounts if you sign up for auto-refill as well.

Check Out Net10 Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

Page Plus Prepaid Plans

page plus cell phone plans

Page Plus Page Plus Cellular is an MVNO that operates on the Verizon network. Plans can be purchased online and at select retailers. Network speeds are limited to 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

Check Out Page Plus Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

t-mobile cell phone plans

There are different prepaid plans offered by T-Mobile Prepaid. The pay as you go plan which offers unlimited talk and text for only an additional of $2.00 per day. The Prepaid plan is applicable for data usage. You get unlimited talk, text with different amount of data.

Check Out T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

US Cellular Prepaid Plans

us cellular cell phone plans

US Cellular Prepaid offers prepaid monthly plans. All these plans include unlimited talk and text. There are also two Pay As You Go plans that charge a monthly access fee.

Check Out US Cellular Phone Plans — View Plans

Verizon Prepaid Plans

verizon cell phone plans

Verizon Wireless is the largest cellular carrier in America, with more than 100 million subscribers. In late 2010 they became the second U.S.

Check Out Verizon Cell Phone Plans — View Plans

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans

virgin mobile cell phone plans

Virgin Mobile is one of Sprint‘s three prepaid brands, the others being Boost Mobile and Assurance. Sprint had a total of 15.4 million prepaid subscribers across all three brands as of the third quarter of 2012.

Check Out Virgin Mobile Phone Plans — View Plans

Considerations While Choosing a Prepaid Phone

When it comes to looking for a prepaid cell phone plan, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind:

if you’ve chose a prepaid cell phone it’s probably because you wish you skim the extra from your monthly charge. Before actually surfing the offers available, figure out the quantity you really can afford to invest depending your general budget.

on regular, what exactly does the phone usage consist of? Do you spend the most of your time sending texts to family and friends? Or do you utilize your cell phone mostly to browse the Internet and check e-mail? Figure out precisely what part of your time you spend texting, data and talking. If you find that you really lean largely in a single area over the other, a pay-as-you-go plan may be your best option.

as with any cell phone carrier, coverage is really important. First of all, make sure that the provider coverage is available in your location with high speed. You will find a map describing the coverage places on the carrier’s website.

Phone Selection:
not prepaid phone carriers usually operate offers which entitle you the latest phones at a reduced or small price. By charging high monthly costs and signing up in a set term agreement they’re in a position to recover the cost of the cell phone. Because a lot of prepaid cell phone providers perform without contract terms and do provide a cheaper monthly price, you’ll most likely spend a lot more at first for a handset.

At the end of the day, it’s eventually your choice which company to sign up with. Make sure to check their network coverage availability along with the aforementioned points.

No Contracts, No Credit Checks

Traditional cell phone plans charge you for minutes after you use them. This is why they require a credit check and they make you sign a contract – to ensure that you pay your bill. If you don’t pay your bill, then they can report you to the credit agencies and ruin your credit. Also, if you try to leave a traditional contract plan before the end of your contract, the cell phone company will charge you a huge termination fee, sometimes as high as $300. If
you don’t pay that then they report you to the credit agencies which will ruin your credit.

Prepaid cell phone plans don’t require you to sign a contract. There’s no credit check and you don’t need a contract since you pay for your minutes upfront, before you use them. If you use up your minutes before the end of your activation period, then you simply buy more – or not, if you don’t want to. You don’t have to buy more minutes. You can let your prepaid service lapse. You could also switch companies just as easily.

prepaid cell phones give you the flexibility to tailor you cell phone budget to the amount of minutes you use. You can increase or decrease the amount of minutes you purchase based on how many minutes you actually use.

If you use your cell phone consistently month in and month out, then go with a monthly plan. Even if you only use a few minutes a month, if you are sure you are going to use your cell phone, go with the monthly plan. Monthly plans are offered in varying minute packages so you can tailor your budget to your usage. Also, if you use a LOT of minutes every month, then you’ll want to go with an unlimited monthly plan. the unlimited plans offered by prepaid cell phone companies are significantly cheaper than almost any contract plan.

There are many other prepaid cell phone services to consider. Some are local, while others are nationwide. Take the time to figure out how much you use your phone to determine if it makes sense to switch to a prepaid plan.

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Available of 2017

CarrierTalk and TextDataPriceLinks
Cricket WirelessUnlimited1GB$30/moView Plans
Boost MobileUnlimited2GB$30/moView Plans
Republic WirelessUnlimited2GB$30/moView Plans
Tpo MobileUnlimited1GB$16.80/moView Plans
Airvoice WirelessUnlimited1GB$30/moView Plans
H2O WirelessUnlimited3GB$30/moView Plans
MetroPCSUnlimited1GB$30/moView Plans
Project FiUnlimited1GB$30/moView Plans
Tpo MobileUnlimited3GB$31.50/moView Plans
Ultra MobileUnlimited2GB$34/moView Plans
Boost MobileUnlimited3GB$35/moView Plans
Simple MobileUnlimited4GB$37.50/moView Plans
Red PocketUnlimited1GB$39.99/moView Plans
T-MobileUnlimited3GB$40/moView Plans
Cricket WirelessUnlimited3GB$40/moView Plans
H2O WirelessUnlimited8GB$40/moView Plans
Project FiUnlimited2GB$40/moView Plans
Boost MobileUnlimited4GB$40/moView Plans
SprintUnlimited1GB$40/moView Plans
Ultra MobileUnlimited5GB$45/moView Plans
Tpo MobileUnlimited2GB$22.50/moView Plans
Simple MobileUnlimited5GB$47/moView Plans
Republic WirelessUnlimited1GB$20/moView Plans
Republic WirelessUnlimited4GB$45/moView Plans
AT&TUnlimited4GB$45/moView Plans
Straight TalkUnlimited5GB$45/moView Plans
Boost MobileUnlimitedUnlimited$50/moView Plans
Red PocketUnlimited1GB$49.99/moView Plans
T-MobileUnlimited5GB$50/moView Plans
SprintUnlimited3GB$50/moView Plans
VerizonUnlimited5GB$50/moView Plans
Cricket WirelessUnlimited8GB$50/moView Plans
MetroPCSUnlimitedUnlimited$50/moView Plans
Simple MobileUnlimited10GB$50/moView Plans
Project FiUnlimited3GB$50/moView Plans
Airvoice WirelessUnlimited5GB$50/moView Plans
H2O WirelessUnlimited10GB$50/moView Plans
Net10 WirelessUnlimited3GB$40/moView Plans
Ultra MobileUnlimited1GB$29/moView Plans
Net10 WirelessUnlimited5GB$50/moView Plans

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