The Best Way to Compare Cell Phone Plans


compare cell phone plans

to decide which one fits our needs become very hard due to the huge number of cell phone providers and the variety of plans.

Things you should know when you compare cell phone plans!!

There are some points to remember when you are searching and
comparing cell phone plans to guarantee that you’ve pick the right plan
for you.

1- coverage map

The most important thing before choosing any kind of cell phone plan
is to know how the coverage in your area is. For that you can use some
sources like
your friends or your family and ask them which carrier is working
best for them. Don’t forget to ask the mobile carrier about the outer
limits if you are
planning to use roaming, because it’s not logical to spend money for
that in your own town. Plus if you used to move a lot around the
country it’s better
to know the cost of calling and texting too.

2- Number of minutes and text messages consumed in a month

The number of minutes consumed in a month varies from person to
another, that’s why when it’s time to go for a plan you need to know
exactly the amount of
time that you are going to spend in calling to avoid any extra fees.

For texting the majority of cell phone providers charging 15 cents
per text message, so if you used to send for example 5 to 10 messages
every day your
perfect plan is 250 text messages monthly. Above that you should
look for unlimited text messaging.

3- The data option

A lot of smartphones need data to browse the internet, read emails,
and reach some other services. If you don’t brows often and you don’t
receive many
emails the 100MB plan is all what you need. If you are a youtuber
and you love watching videos the unlimited data plan is your choice in
this case.

4- Prepaid cell phone plans Vs Postpaid 


prepaid cell phone plan

is the best choice for someone who knows exactly the number of
minutes that he could spend, so paying in advance is a good solution.

Generally with This kind of plans you don’t have to sign a contract
but pay attention to the details and get an idea about how the minutes
are calculated.

On the other hand the postpaid mobile phone plan is the opposite of
the prepaid plan where you pay once you have used the minutes. Numerous
postpaid mobile
phone plans offer the customer limitless minutes, whether or not at
all times or just on nights and weekends.

Many of us find postpaid cell phone plan interesting, because the
person would possibly use the mobile phone more than a few times of the

Finally By following the steps above, you can compare cell phone plans and get the perfect one that meets your needs.

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