AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AT&T offers a variety of cell phone plans that use its vast 4G LTE network and 5G network. Multi-line discounts can be used to save money at the end of the month.

The Best AT&T Cell Phone Plans in 2021

AT&T is a well-recognized brand worldwide, including in the U.S. It stands alongside T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile as one of four Big 4 carriers. T-Mobile and Verizon are fighting for the top spot in the performance rankings chart. AT&T, however, focuses on quietly putting forth a good performance.

The carrier has been consistently ranked 2nd or 3rd depending on which study you use. However, the largest ever mobile performance study rated AT&T as the best national wireless network. No matter what, AT&T’s score for speed, coverage, reliability, and speed has been consistently high, regardless of whether OpenSignal’s annual report or RootMetrics.

AT&T Wireless Unlimited Plans

AT&T offers many plans to suit different situations. The unlimited plans are the most popular plan, with three. There are also a few prepaid plans and a data plan that can be used with connected devices. Here’s a list.

AT&T Phone Plans

AT&T Unlimited Starter

AT&T Unlimited Starter, the cheapest unlimited data plan available, is still sufficient for most users. You will be able to use AT&T 5G network. However, this plan does not include unlimited talk, text, and data. Unlimited talk, text, and data will be available in Mexico and Canada. However, you shouldn’t expect to get 5G or 4G speeds. AT&T claims that you may occasionally only have 2G networks.

AT&T Unlimited Starter will only give you that. Hot spot access is not available and standard-definition streaming will be the only option. This plan costs $65 per line and $45 for three. This plan is slightly more expensive than T-Mobile Essentials, which provides perks such as 50GB of premium data and unlimited hotspot usage at 3G speeds.

AT&T Unlimited Additional

AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan is the next level. This is where all the perks begin to kick in. You’ll also get unlimited data and 50GB premium data. This means that you won’t be throttled during congestion if your monthly usage is less than 50GB. Hot spot data will be available to you for 15GB per month.

Unlimited Additional costs $75 per month per line or $50 per month per line for three lines.

AT&T Unlimited Elite

AT&T’s most expensive phone plan is not cheap, but it comes with some very nice perks. It doubles premium data to a massive 100GB and doubles hot spot data to 30GB. HD streaming is also possible, and this could be a benefit considering that the plan also includes an HBO Max subscription.

The plan is very expensive, as we have already mentioned. For one line, you’ll pay $85/month and $60/month for three.

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AT&T Wireless Prepaid Plans

AT&T Prepaid plans are a great option if a monthly contract is not appealing to you. These plans don’t require a credit check, and you don’t need an annual contract. They start at $30 per month if AutoPay is used, and $35 without. All come with 5G data. This is quite good, even compared to Mint Mobile, which offers 5G data but is more expensive.

The $30/35 start plan gives you unlimited text and talk, plus 1GB of data. If you don’t use all of it, the rollover fee is $25. Also, you can stream HD video and mobile hotspot as well as unlimited text to more than 100 countries. There is also a multi-line discount option. Talk, text, and data will be charged per usage to/in Mexico or Canada.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AutoPay allows you to jump up to $50, $40 and get all of that plus 8GB of data and free Mexico or Canada text, talk, and data.

You can stretch your budget to $65 per month or $45 with AutoPay, and you will get unlimited data. However, you will need to advertise on the mobile hotspot.

You can also go for the top-end, which costs $75 per month or $55 with autoPay. This will give you all that and 10GB of mobile data. Visible is a better choice than this.

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AT&T Wireless Phones

AT&T offers a 30-month installment plan for new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. You can either keep your device or upgrade it after you have paid the full amount. You will need to pay an additional $5 per month for AT&T Next Up to trade in your device and upgrade it early.

Current iPhone deals range from $13.34/month to an iPhone SE and $26.67/month to an iPhone 12. Samsung Galaxy devices start at $23.34/month, for the new S20 or $40.00/month for the new S21.

Up to $800 can be saved on eligible smartphones when you upgrade or add a new phone line.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans – Bottom line

AT&T Wireless is one of the most prominent American cell phone providers. Customers can choose from a range of cell phone plans. They also have the option to get unlimited or mobile-share packages that can be used on up to four devices. You can always check reviews to find out if the provider has good coverage in your region. However, AT&T is a great option for anyone looking for wireless service.

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