Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular is a great fit for basic and smartphone phones. A AARP membership is a great way to save money and you can get family plans for as many as three lines.

The Best Consumer Cellular Phone Plans in 2021

Consumer Cellular was the first to offer casual users a no-contract cellular service. However, in 2008 it partnered up with AARP. Consumer Cellular’s majority user base is now over 50. The simplicity of its plans has earned the company praise.

It is easy to select a plan by selecting one Talk plan or one Connect (text-and-data) plan. Consumer Cellular offers five Connect plans as well as two Talk plans. You can cancel your plan at any time, as there is no contract.

Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular’s main selling point is the lack of monthly contracts. You start with a base-level contract. Each month you can choose to move up or down through the levels, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Consumer Cellular made it easier to select a plan, but the process has become much simpler. You get a single line with all plans. However, you can add another line for $15 per month (you will need to call if you want more than one).

Next, choose a talk plan. It starts at $15 per month and includes 250 minutes. You can also select unlimited minutes for $20 per month. You don’t need to purchase data at this point. This means that you can get by with as little as $15 per month plus taxes. However, voice-only plans only work if you’re in immediate contact with someone.

You will need to purchase a Connect Plan if you require data. Consumer Cellular offers a $5 entry-level data limit for 500MB, making it one of few companies that still offer this service. It’s not much data but it’s sufficient for light usage. All Connect Plans include unlimited text messaging so it’s an affordable way to stay in touch. There are options for more data: 3GB, 10GB 15, 15GB, 25GB and 25GB. Prices range from $10 per month to $40 per month. There is currently no unlimited data option.

Consumer Cellular phone Plans

The smaller networks also have more technology and features. Even if your handset is compatible, you won’t be able to get a 5G service. Apple’s Visual Voicemail is not supported.

Consumer Cellular will increase your tier if there is excess data. This allows you to get more data without paying per-MB fees. Although it sounds great in theory, this price bump could lead to higher-than-expected bills. You can request to cancel at the end of each billing month. However, upgrades will continue for the next month.

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Consumer Cellular Family Plans

Consumer Cellular allows you to add only one line to your account. The amount of data, talk, and text you have on your plan will be shared by the second line. If you have 250 minutes left on your account, your second line will receive those minutes. However, it won’t get 250 minutes. The best thing about adding a family member is that calls to the second line are free.

For $15 per month, you can add a friend or family member to your account. The process is easy. You can either call Consumer Cellular customer service or log in online to your account. The best thing about adding lines to your account? Calls between them will be free.

Consumer Cellular Coverage

Consumer Cellular coverage has a number of great features. It is available nationwide and uses the same towers that the major wireless service providers. The company leases tower space from existing companies to provide Consumer Cellular coverage.

Consumer Cellular coverage maps show coverage across the majority of the United States. This coverage is comparable to what you will see on other services. There are some spots that aren’t covered when you go west, but these are not common in many areas.

To see which carrier your phone uses, you will need to enter your ZIP code. Their website has multiple coverage maps. You can also look at specific areas to determine if coverage is available.

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans – Bottom line

Consumer Cellular is the right choice if you are looking for low-cost data and low prices. Consumer Cellular allows you to keep the latest phones while paying minimal data plan prices.

Plan: You can mix and match your data and minutes. You have the option to choose from unlimited minutes or 250 minutes. Then, you can select a data option. You have great flexibility and the prices are excellent.

Performance: Consumer Cellular is a T-Mobile/AT&T network, so you can expect good coverage and speeds. Be careful if you travel to rural areas, such as Nebraska.

Customer service: These customer service representatives are specially trained to assist those who are less tech-savvy. Expect friendly, helpful support.

Overall, Consumer Cellular is not able to compete with big providers like Verizon, AT&T, and Metro by T-Mobile in terms of data. However, it offers affordable plans with low data that offer surprisingly high speeds and coverage.

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