Cricket Cell Phone Plans

Cricket Cell Phone Plans

AT&T owns Cricket Wireless, a prepaid carrier that offers a variety of plans. You can choose from unlimited data, 2GB, or 10GB plans.

The Best Cricket Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Cricket Wireless is a part of AT&T Network. You can enjoy a wide range of 4G LTE network coverage at very affordable rates. Cricket uses all of the infrastructure and towers at AT&T, but it costs less.

Also, Cricket Wireless is very easy to understand. All the prices and plans can be found on their website. It is an attractive option for many people. To avoid any surprises when paying the bill, the plans include all fees and taxes.

Families will also love cricket. Families can enjoy more benefits when they add multiple lines to their Group Savings plan than with other carrier plans. Cricket’s plans offer a high data allowance on each line. For data of 10GB, a family of four can pay $100. Even though Cricket Wireless does not offer the AT&T rollover family plan, it will save you $60 each month. It is important to limit data usage for your children.

Some people are not happy with Cricket’s speed of 8 Mbps compared to AT&T’s speeds which can be up to five times faster. For most people, however, Cricket is perfect for surfing without worrying about speed.

The speed of Cricket Wireless is great for surfing and streaming movies and music. Netflix, for example, only requires a minimum of 0.5 Mbps speed. You only need 3.0Mbps to get excellent picture quality. You only need 8Mbps for Cricket.

Cricket Wireless Phone Plans

There are four rates plans available for Cricket. All include unlimited text and talk in the U.S. The only difference between the four main rates plans is data. The first two data plans are limited to 8Mbps. The speed of the cheapest unlimited plan is 3Mbps. However, it is not limited in speed. In terms of speed, 3Mbps is comparable to 3G.

The Unlimited More plan is a better choice for smartphones if you have the budget. You can probably manage with the slower speeds if you only do one thing on your smartphone at a given time. But if you do a lot more multitasking or use social media for media-rich purposes, the Unlimited More plan will be more beneficial. Unlimited More also includes 5G support for compatible phones.

Cricket Phone Plans

For $5 per month, Cricket allows you to add international calling to 35 landline numbers. For $15 per month, you can add 1000 minutes to your mobile number and unlimited MMS messaging. Individual countries can be added for $10-$15 each month.

Cricket allows you to roam only in Canada and Mexico, as long as your total usage is not more than 50%. The unlimited plans include this. Unlimited plans include texting to 37 different countries.

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Cricket Wireless Coverage

It is no surprise that Cricket is part of its parent company’s network. AT&T’s 4G coverage nationwide is among the best in the country. You will likely get excellent Cricket Wireless coverage if you live in a large metropolitan area. Rural customers also have an option with AT&T, but it might be more difficult to get coverage in rural areas than in cities.

AT&T’s 5G coverage is “nationwide”, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are large areas of the country without 5G coverage. Nearly all 5G coverage from AT&T is concentrated in metropolitan areas. Fair enough, this can also be said for other 5G networks.

Cricket Wireless Perks

Cricket Wireless has many great payment options that will make it easier and save you money. To make payment, you will need to call a representative and pay $3. AutoPay is an excellent option. If you pay online or provide your credit card information to set up AutoPay, the fee will not be charged. The money will be taken automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it each month. AutoPay will allow you to save $5 per month if your deal is more than $40 per month.

You can visit over 4300 Cricket Wireless stores to discuss your issues. The website is easy to use and contains lots of useful information. If all of this leaves you confused and you don’t want to visit a store, there’s an online chat option available as well as a toll-free number that you can call. Customer support is available in any way that you need it.

Cricket Cell Phone Plans – Bottom line

Cricket enjoys the reputation of being one of the largest MVNOs. This helps to drive its business. It helps that Cricket is owned by major carriers. Cricket has earned its reputation for providing excellent service and products. There are much cheaper AT&T MVNO plans on the market. However, it might be worth paying a little more for a better experience. AT&T reserves its best service for customers who have signed up directly, but Cricket customers can get its second-best service.

Although Cricket is one the most reliable of the smaller carriers it is not necessarily the best. This is especially true if you shop outside the AT&T network. T-Mobile MVNOs like its Metro and the increasingly popular Mint Mobile offer better service at comparable or, in Mint’s instance, better prices. Visible also offers unlimited data access to Verizon’s network, which is highly regarded by its parent company.

You still get strong network coverage and international perks with Cricket Wireless. It also gives you the assurance that your wireless company is doing what it does well. Cricket Wireless is the best option if you’re looking for AT&T-like services at lower prices.

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