H2O Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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H2O wireless, which was formerly known as O2 wireless, is a prepaid countrywide GSM mobile phone service operated in United States by the Lotus Communications. They have established a strong position in the American industry, by providing cheap cell phone services to the people. Usually, the cell phone service providers structure their plans in order to provide the best and the most reliable services. But H2O stands out of them because they offer their plans at adorable prices. This factor has played an important role behind the popularity of H2O wireless.

H20 offers a wide range of plans, which can cater the needs of many customers. These services are offered along with the phones manufactured from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and many more. H2O offers both minute plans as well as monthly plans.

H2O Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

h2o prepaid cell phone plans
h2o wireless prepaid phone plans
h2o prepaid mobile plans
h2o cell phone plans

H2O Wireless is a relatively small prepaid GSM wireless carrier that operates on AT&T networks. It offers Plans include Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited International Talk to 50+ countries plus MMS, a Data allowance, and an International Talk Credit.

Plans Details:

  • $30/month – Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB data Unlimited International Talk to 50+ countries
  • $40/month – Unlimited Talk, Text and unlimited 8GB data and Unlimited International Talk to 50+ countries
  • $50/month – Unlimited Talk, Text and unlimited 10GB data and Unlimited International Talk to 50+ countries
  • $60/month – Unlimited Talk, Text and unlimited 12GB data and Unlimited International Talk to 50+ countries


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H2O Pay As You Go Plans

H2O Wireless offers four usage-based plans priced at $10, $20, $25, $30 and $100. All four plans plans includes international calling to 53 +countries. Standard rates of 5c/min apply services as follows:

H2O Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

However, the expiration days go from 30 to 60, 90 and eventually 1 year. Plus, they each offer a certain of free minutes: 200, 400, 600 and 2000, respectively.

┬áCheck out H2O Wireless Pay As You Go Plans —View Plans

The daily plans offered by H20 Wireless have also impressed customers due to their unique features. The two dollar daily plan offers unlimited calls and text messaging to the people without any questions. H20 wireless also provides a feature card to their customers, which adds 10 dollar worth services to your monthly plan. There is no contract and the users can simply purchase it and enjoy. The company does not tend to implement contracts to their customers because they have loyal customers. These plans give iPhone users the opportunity to bring their phones on the H2O network without changing the network such as jail breaking or unlocking. H20 wireless also offers international calling options along with some interesting plans.

H2O wireless is powered by the leading GSM network provider in the country. Therefore, they have a better coverage than T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Sprint or Virgin Mobile. You can also use any AT&T or T-Mobile unlocked phone with H20 Wireless. H20 wireless also features an award winning customer service. You can get in touch with the customer service at any time of the day by calling their toll free number.

Customers who use H2O wireless can easily pay for their account by purchasing refill cards from retail stores. They can even order these refill cards online. They have a good collection of voice, text and data plans for the convenience of customers. You can think about your needs and requirements and go for the most suitable plan. They also have a good collection of mobile phones and you can go for a good phone upon your purchase. When considered in general, H2O wireless can be considered as a great cell phone service provider in the country and any person can go for their services with a hassle free mind.

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