Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile offers excellent cell phone plans that can be used for multiple months and is an alternative for its MVNO rivals. This guide is for potential customers.

The Best Mint Mobile Phone Plans in 2021

Mint Mobile plans are among the top options for those who need a new wireless service but have a limited budget. Mint Mobile offers a variety of prepaid options at lower rates than other carriers. It’s no wonder Mint is so popular. Ryan Reynolds, the celebrity owner of Mint, is probably a good example.

Mint Mobile is all about making a commitment. The lower your monthly rate, the longer you are willing to wait to receive your phone service from Mint Mobile.

After three months at a discounted rate on one of the best cell phone plans Mint offers, you can sign up for three, six, or twelve months of Mint service. Mint Mobile offers some of the most affordable cell phone plans, with the 12-month plans offering the greatest savings.

Mint Mobile plans cover all key data ranges. There are four data options: 4GB, 10GB, and 15GB. For those who want unlimited data, there is even an option. These are the top Mint Mobile plans, regardless of whether you already know what you want or need to find out what Mint Mobile is first.

Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Mint Mobile is an MVNO that utilizes T-Mobile’s network. It will give you the best value out of your cell phone plan. Mint’s unlimited plan costs $30 per month and includes unlimited data in 5G and LTE, unlimited text and talk, unlimited data hotspot, and free calls to Mexico or Canada. It’s difficult to find a better deal if you only require one line. Mint plans don’t include taxes or fees, so expect a higher monthly cost.

If you don’t need unlimited data, you can choose a cheaper plan. Mint offers plans for 4GB, 10GB, and 15GB starting at $15 per month the 4GB plan. It’s important to remember that data speeds may slow down to 128Kbps if you run out of data on any plan or exceed 35GB on the unlimited plan. This can be very frustrating and terribly slow. Mint’s 4GB or 10GB or 15GB plans allow you to add 1GB or 3GB data for $10 or $20 respectively. You will have the flexibility to find the right data for you, and you can also switch plans if necessary. Below is a close-up of Mint’s pricing.

Mint Phone Plans

Mint Mobile’s international features are one area that Mint Mobile falls short. You can call Canada and Mexico for free, but that’s it. Although you can add international roaming to your plan via “UpRoam credit”, if you travel frequently this could quickly add up. Mint Mobile charges $0.05 per text message, $0.25 per minute to call, and $0.20 for megabytes in most international countries. However, prices in Mexico and Canada are lower at $0.02 per SMS, $0.06 per min, and $0.06 for each megabyte.

Mint Mobile is the best option if you intend to use it domestically. You can also get a great deal if you sign up for 12 consecutive months. Mint Mobile doesn’t offer multi-line discounts so it’s ideal for those who only need one or two lines. T-Mobile’s plans may be worth the extra expense if you require more lines or want premium data access.

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Mint Mobile Compatibility

Mint Mobile is proud of its easy bring your own smartphone (BYOP), program. Mint Mobile requires that your phone be compatible with T-Mobile’s network in order to bring it to Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile allows you to check the compatibility of your device through their website.

You will need a compatible phone. However, your phone must be unlocked. Your phone will be unlocked if you purchased it directly from the manufacturer or retailer. If your phone is currently being used by another carrier such as Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T then it may be locked. Mint Mobile will require you to fully pay your phone off before you can switch.

Mint Mobile Phone Plans – Bottom line

Mint Mobile can help you save even more money if you live in an area that has good T-Mobile coverage. Mint Mobile plans start at $15 per month for 4GB and can go up to $30 for unlimited data including 4G LTE or 5G. Mint Mobile plans can only be purchased upfront for three months. This may discourage some customers.

You can still get 4G LTE speeds and 5G speeds even with deprioritization in areas where there is a strong signal. This should be enough to get you to your daily tasks. You can also use the mobile hotspot to connect other devices when you need them.

Mint Mobile can only be as reliable as T-Mobile in your local area. You should always verify your coverage before you sign up. However, Mint Mobile is also available for a free 7-day test drive.

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