Tello Mobile Phone Plans

Tello Mobile Phone Plans

You are looking for a low-cost wireless service? Tello Mobile has some of the lowest wireless prices in the industry and offers a lot of flexibility.

The Best Tello Mobile Phone Plans in 2021

Tello Mobile is one of the best cell phone service options in the US. So what makes Tello stand out from the rest? Tello is an affordable and flexible option that combines affordability with flexibility.

Tello offers several pre-designed plans. But it is Tello’s ‘build it yourself’ option that sets it apart from other providers. You can choose how much data, what you pay, and how many minutes you use.

You have the option to make your own plans or go with one of the provided options. Tello Mobile has some of America’s best cell phone plans, rivaling Mint Mobile. It’s flexible; it only ties you up for a month.

Tello Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Tello Mobile makes it easy to create your plan for $5 per month. This includes 100 minutes of texting and unlimited texts. You can also choose to limit data usage to 500MB, $5 for up to 8GB, or $25 for unlimited. Data speeds drop to 2G for those who go beyond these limits. The unlimited plan can be purchased for $39 and reduces data speed to 2G at 25, GB.

Tello Phone plans

Although you can create a family plan to manage up to four lines of credit from one account, there are not any discounts. However, your data can be shared with your family members in the event that they run out. Tello Mobile offers a special promotion ending March 15, 2021, that allows you to receive your first three months of service at a lower rate.

Every data plan includes hotspot functionality. It does however use your data allotment and you will need to monitor usage. Free calling to Mexico, Canada, and China is an added benefit for those who wish to keep in touch. Other countries can be called, but rates will vary.

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Tello Mobile Coverage

Tello Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network. Sprint has come under fire for not having the best coverage. However, depending on your location, it can work very well. You shouldn’t have any problems if T-Mobile/Tello is in the eastern/midwest.

Tello Mobile Selection

Tello Mobile is like many MVNOs in that you can bring your own smartphone. Tello uses T-Mobile’s network. You need to ensure that your device is unlocked and GSM-capable. Many of the top Android phones will work well with this network. For even more savings, you can also find the best Android phones at a fraction of the price.

Alternatively, you can purchase a device via Tello. It’s not the greatest selection, but it’s still not the worst. A new Moto G Fast is $219, and a brand new Pixel 3a is $299 are some highlights. Some devices can be new, while others are certified used. Shipping is free on all orders.

Tello Mobile Phone Plans – Bottom Line

Tello is the right choice if your primary goal is to get a good wireless plan for as low as possible. We love the flexibility of Tello’s plans. You won’t pay extra for services you don’t use. Hotspot and international calling for select markets are also nice.

Tello Mobile doesn’t have any commitments. There are no strings attached. And there is no fine print to scare away young adults. Everything is transparent and available online as users like. The prices are attractive so it’s worth looking into whether you can switch.

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