Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting Mobile offers the ability to pay only for what you use each month. Ting Mobile is free of contracts and offers unlimited talk, text, and data.

The Best Ting Mobile Phone Plans in 2021

Ting Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. An MVNO doesn’t own its own cell towers. Instead, they lease tower space from one of the four major carriers, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

MVNOs don’t own towers, so they can operate at a much lower cost than legacy carriers. These savings are passed on to you, the customer, so you can keep the savings.

Like other MVNOs the carrier does not require you to sign any contracts. You can also leave whenever you like. Combining this with the savings and services on a legacy carrier’s network makes it easy to save money by choosing a quality MVNO.

Ting uses two networks: T-Mobile and Verizon, for both text and talk. Ting has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and Starkville Mississippi. However, it provides all customer service online.

Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting Mobile’s greatest asset is its cost-effective and affordable plans. The company used to offer its services under a “pay as you go” model. This is customizable and more flexible because customers only pay what they use. The scheme was replaced by plans similar to traditional mobile plans. The data allowance per plan is what separates the network’s plans.

Contrary to other networks you will not be charged any additional fees to add a line to an account. The plan you choose will only cost you what it costs. Ting Mobile doesn’t offer family plans or the like, but they do offer Flex, which allows you to customize your plan.

ting phone plans

Flex, the cheapest plan offered by the carrier, starts at $10 per month per line. Flex is what customers consider the unlimited data plan. You only pay for the GB you use each month. If you do not use any data but want a basic talk or text plan, your bill will remain at $10 per month and you will still be able to access all plan inclusions, including unlimited minutes and texts. The Flex Plan allows you to buy data starting at $5 per shared GB. You can also use the data for a mobile hotspot.

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Ting International Calling

Ting offers international calling at a generous rate. You get 60+ countries with your regular minutes. This includes calls to Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Ting must be notified in advance if you plan to travel overseas. This will allow them to send you a temporary SIM card that allows your phone to connect to a GSM network. Once you arrive in your destination country, this temporary SIM card will need to be installed.

You don’t need to pay roaming bolt-ons. Instead, you pay per minute or text message and MB data you use while traveling. Ting’s page on Traveling outside of the USA has more details. The rates range from $0.20 to $0.25 per megabyte, which is quite expensive at $200 to $250 per gigabyte. You will need a network that offers better roaming rates if you plan to travel frequently.

Ting Mobile Coverage

Ting can only be as good as the coverage of Sprint in your local area, as we have already mentioned. Sprint may not cover your home or workplace, so this might be a problem for some. Sprint might offer coverage in your local area that is acceptable to others.

Ting offers a handy coverage map that will show you if your location is within their service area for data and calls. Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile in my area, which I cannot even yield one bar of service. Ting’s service strength wasn’t as strong as T-Mobile’s, but it was still reliable enough to make calls and was more stable than T-Mobile.

The HTC 8XT was reliable in my use over the past few weeks. CDMA for calls works better indoors than GSM due to different wavelengths. It worked perfectly, whether it was data, calls, or text messages.

Ting is now a Sprint LTE subscriber. My overall data speeds were good, sustaining around 3 Mbps, with one bar coverage. Ting’s data speeds were much better in full coverage. Ting supports roaming on Verizon’s network for calls and texts, but no data.

Ting Mobile Phone Plans – Bottom line

Ting provides some of the same benefits as larger carriers, such as device payment plans, cancellation fees reimbursements, and the latest iPhone. It maintains the low monthly cost that brought customers to MVNOs in the first instance.

You can use the dashboard to keep track of your usage. It also allows you to set alerts or restrict usage to avoid billing surprises. Ting will only benefit you if your phone usage is consistent and light from month to month.

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