US Mobile Phone Plans

US Mobile Phone Plans

US Mobile is a pre-paid mobile phone network that is powered by T-Mobile and Verizon. It offers a range of cell phone plans and perks.

The Best US Mobile Phone Plans in 2021

The United States is only made up of four major wireless service providers. However, there are many smaller MVNOs that can piggyback on The Big 4’s service to offer cellular plans that cost less and are not tied to contracts. Ting, Mint Mobile, and Cricket Wireless are some of the most well-known, but I’ll be focusing on US Mobile. Although US Mobile is a new MVNO, after using it for a few weeks, it’s starting to look like one of the best.

US Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Although the US Mobile network’s expansion has allowed for greater reach and flexibility, it has also created complications in US Mobile’s pricing. T-Mobile’s network is now available to the carrier as GSM LTE. The carrier also offers Super LTE plans. Both plans can be customized to offer different amounts and types of data, text, and talk.

What hasn’t changed is that US Mobile plans are prepaid. At the beginning of each month, you select the amount you will use for text, talk, and data. Add the cost of talk, text, and data to your monthly bill. A similar pay-for-what-you-use approach is used by Ting.

Monthly talk minutes for GSM LTE subscribers start at 100 minutes for $3 and go up to 5,000 minutes for $15. Texting costs $2 for 100 text messages or $7 for unlimited texts each month. Data options range from 100MB ($2) up to 8GB ($35). GSM LTE will cost you $2.

The Super LTE side charges $4 per line, with a doubled service fee. Talk minutes are available for as low as $40 for $2.50, and up to 5,000 minutes at $15. For 40 texts, you’ll be charged $1.50 per month. Prices for up to 5,000 texts are $7. Data limits range from 100MB ($2) to 5GB ($26)

Depending on the configuration of your plan, which service is more affordable depends on what you do. GSM LTE subscribers pay $27 per month for 500 minutes of talk, 1000 texts, and 1GB of data. Super LTE subscribers pay $26 per month. The GSM LTE subscriber will pay $32 less for 500 text messages and 3GB of data per month.

US Mobile Phone Plans

You will receive a notification if you exceed your monthly allotments and be asked to “top-up.” These additions are good for 30 days after the date they were added. This is similar to rollover minutes/texts/data in postpaid networks.

It gets even more confusing. US Mobile offers Super LTE Unlimited plans that allow unlimited data on Verizon’s network. These plans offer different levels of talk, text, and data speeds. $35 per month for unlimited data plans that limit data speeds to 1 Mbps and allow 100 minutes of talk, 100 texts, while a plan with a 5Mbps speed limit costs $45. The most expensive unlimited plan from US Mobile costs $75 per month. It has uncapped data speeds and no limits on text and talk. These rates are further enhanced by a $4 per-line service fee.

US Mobile provides a simple dashboard for managing your account. Although it would be nice to automate this process, the current system allows customers to see exactly where they are for each month.

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US Mobile Coverage

US Mobile depends on two major carriers to provide its service. Although these carriers are not listed on US Mobile’s website yet, we know that they are T-Mobile or Verizon.

The Starter Kit that you receive when you sign up to US Mobile includes two SIM cards. One for the GSM LTE Network (T-Mobile), and one for the Super LTE Network(Verizon). T-Mobile and Verizon have their own SIMs, so you can’t hop between them like you can with Google Fi.

GSM LTE Network can be used with any GSM phone. This means that you can use your Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, and other devices. The Super LTE Network can only be used with Verizon-compatible devices. US Mobile claims that its Super LTE Network is superior to the other with faster LTE speeds and better coverage. However, it all boils down to how well or poorly T-Mobile and Verizon cover your area.

I have been using the GSM LTE Network SIM Card in my OnePlus 6 and there have been no issues. T-Mobile has good coverage in my area in Michigan so it’s been great. I get 4-5 bars of service every time and the fastest data speeds of any MVNO.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both SIM cards included in the starter kit can be activated. Each SIM card will be assigned a unique phone number and will require a separate monthly fee. This means that you cannot swap between them for the same plan. If you or someone you know is interested in joining, and you have at least one Verizon-compatible phone, you will only need one starter kit.

US Mobile Phone Plans – Bottom line

Other than plans and prices, key considerations when choosing a wireless carrier include network coverage, customer service, and overall reputation.

The location of your home, work, or play will determine the network coverage. Depending on which phone you use, you may be looking at the Verizon network or T-Mobile network. Asking your family and friends which carrier they use, as well as whether they experience any difficulties sending texts or making calls, is a good way to find out about network coverage.

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