Jun 6, 2016

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in 2016

Cell phones are important, especially for seniors who can live, driving and spend a lot of time alone. The benefits of owning a cell phone safety are obvious; call for help can be a necessity. Many wireless companies have changed their marketing efforts to push wireless packages for seniors that offer many of the same standard features as other wireless plans and similar and monthly fees.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans in 2016

Boost Mobile is the name brand of a wireless network prepaid service which is found by sprint Nextel’s, working within the sprint prepay company. Boost Mobile utilizes IDEN and CDMA coverage Network. It absolutely was originally released in Australia via Optus in 2000 was well as in New Zealand via telecom brand, New Zealand in 2001.

Best Cell Phone Companies With Best Plans

Getting the best cell phone plan on a fresh cell phone deal is far from simple], and you are forgiven for purchasing the impression that cell phone companies are intentionally making it complicated. As soon as you have chosen what phone you desire, you still need to choose which service provider to sign up with, at which purpose you might ask whether it makes sense to purchase a subsidized Smartphone through a two years contract, or maybe if the pay-as-you-go plan is much better for your requirements. Then, naturally, there is the question of network coverage (certain carriers have higher service in several areas), along with the prices tiers for a voice call, text messages, and web data plan.

Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

The cell phone revolution has changed in the last four years with more competition cell phone providers, every company want to improve a better service with lower monthly fees for their users, Virgin Mobile is one of the best option to a normal mobile phone plan for those that want a simple feature cell phone for calls, text and data plan. The only problem is the fact that Sprint owned Virgin Mobile just uses sprint’s small network, no-off network allowed.

What You Should Know About Family Cell Phone Plans

Family cell phone plans are the number one choice for a lot of parents if they have kids spending time sending message and browsing the web, but it’s very important to know everything about family cell phone plans’ carriers in your zone and the offers they sell.

It’s always better to look for cell phone providers with good reputation and good records in your area.
If you are the type of person that prefer one bill for several cell phones, the family cell phone plan is the right plan for you.

What you should know about family cell phone plans

Down bellow some useful tips explaining the most important things you should put in mind when it’s time to go and buy any family cell phone plans.

1- family cell phone plans: minutes

First of all you need to figure out the way you are going to use minutes. Most cell phone providers give free minutes for customers at specific times during the day or to certain phone numbers.
Next, you need to be aware of which area you will generally making calls to. Some carriers offer unlimited cross country phone calls while others don’t.

The other important aspect that determines the number of cell phone minutes you’ll need is the number of persons sharing the plan.

2- family cell phone plans: coverage map

Cell phone coverage map is the most important factor for any plan. After all your attention is not to have a cheap cell phone plan with a bad coverage, at least you should know if you can make phone calls in your local area without having troubles with signal.

The best place to collect more information about this topic is the cell phone provider’s website. Read the map and see if they have a good coverage in your home town. Also friends and family may help you, ask them witch provider they use and how the coverage is.

3- family cell phone plans: number of phones

Cell phone providers generally offer two phones for family cell phone plans, and they charge additional fees in case you need more phones. If your kids don’t have a cell phone for the moment but you well buy one after, it’s better to choose a plan with more than two phones.

4- family cell phone plans: text messaging and data

Phones today are more than a device for calling; you can check your emails, browse the web, watch videos online and match more.

Children are the most active members of family, they often send and receive text messages and use internet, for this reason parents have to choose a plan that fits this kind of situation and avoid later any extra fees.

The Best Way to Compare Cell Phone Plans

Nowadays compare cell phone plans to decide which one fits our needs become very hard due to the huge number of cell phone providers and the variety of plans.

Things you should know when you compare cell phone plans!!

There are some points to remember when you are searching and comparing cell phone plans to guarantee that you’ve pick the right plan for you.

1- coverage map

The most important thing before choosing any kind of cell phone plan is to know how the coverage in your area is. For that you can use some sources like your friends or your family and ask them which carrier is working best for them. Don’t forget to ask the mobile carrier about the outer limits if you are planning to use roaming, because it’s not logical to spend money for that in your own town. Plus if you used to move a lot around the country it’s better to know the cost of calling and texting too.

2- Number of minutes and text messages consumed in a month

The number of minutes consumed in a month varies from person to another, that’s why when it’s time to go for a plan you need to know exactly the amount of time that you are going to spend in calling to avoid any extra fees.

For texting the majority of cell phone providers charging 15 cents per text message, so if you used to send for example 5 to 10 messages every day your perfect plan is 250 text messages monthly. Above that you should look for unlimited text messaging.

3- The data option

A lot of smartphones need data to browse the internet, read emails, and reach some other services. If you don’t brows often and you don’t receive many emails the 100MB plan is all what you need. If you are a youtuber and you love watching videos the unlimited data plan is your choice in this case.

4- Prepaid cell phone plans Vs Postpaid 

The prepaid cell phone plan is the best choice for someone who knows exactly the number of minutes that he could spend, so paying in advance is a good solution.

Generally with This kind of plans you don’t have to sign a contract but pay attention to the details and get an idea about how the minutes are calculated.

On the other hand the postpaid mobile phone plan is the opposite of the prepaid plan where you pay once you have used the minutes. Numerous postpaid mobile phone plans offer the customer limitless minutes, whether or not at all times or just on nights and weekends.

Many of us find postpaid cell phone plan interesting, because the person would possibly use the mobile phone more than a few times of the day.

Finally By following the steps above, you can compare cell phone plans and get the perfect one that meets your needs.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2016

For a long time, senior citizens represented the under-served market among cell phone carriers. Most network providers focused on creating the latest smart, complicated phones and accessories for the younger generation and overlooked the needs of seniors who often desire simple, affordable and durable phones. Fortunately, there are some companies which are now offering cheap cell phone plans for seniors.
In this article, I will bring you up to speed with the 5 best cell phone plans for seniors 2016.

Consumer Cellular

The consumer cellular is a telephone service provider catering the needs of senior citizens. The company is known to offer cheap simple cellphones which seniors are comfortable using. In addition, it also offers a prepaid for a small fee ($10 per month). Its customer service is primarily geared to senior citizens, with caring staff members and a support team within the United States.


This is a type of cellphone was designed keeping the senior citizens in mind. The Jitterbug Company is both a phone maker and a carrier with an appeal for senior citizens. The company modifies cell phones for easier use by the senior market. It has easy to read fonts, larger buttons and uncomplicated layouts which were previously used in the traditional phones.
Some of its features include;
  • Voice Dial for a quicker access to contacts
  • Powerful Speakers which deliver loud, clear sound
  • Long-lasting battery. These battery last up to twenty five days of standby time
  • A simple camera that is easy to use. In addition, this camera has photo sharing application
  • Speakerphone
  • A 24 hours, 7 days a week U. S. Based Operators by dialing “0”
Surely, Jitterbug is a complete package provider for the senior citizens.

Total Call Mobile

Most cellphone providers only offer exceptional services to callers within United States, but about the senior citizens with family members living in foreign countries? If you are among this category, am pleased to inform you that Total Call Mobile now offers free calls to at least 30 countries. In addition, it also offers calls to more than 180 cities in Mexico. It also has another plan known as The Anytime Plan which offers calls at 10 cents per minute to any country.

Verizon Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus

Verizon’s Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus plan is only available for seniors older than 65 years. The plan is very competitive with the AT&T’s Senior Nation 200 plan. The disadvantage of this plan is that the extras such as data and text messaging cost more than that of their competitors.
Some of its features include
  • 500 night & weekend minutes on the Single-Line Plan
  • 1000 night & weekend minutes on the Two-Line Plan
  • Has no local long distance charges
  • Wider Coverage plan. This plan allows you to stay connected with America’s most reliable high speed wireless network.
In the world today, it has been noticed that there is an increasing number of senior citizens who are turning to cell phones other than using the traditional lines to make calls and keep in touch with their loved ones. It is of much importance that the seniors get easy access to emergency services and is also crucial for a service to offer high quality attuned to their needs. These plans represent some of the best affordable cell phone plans for seniors in 2016.

May 24, 2016

Best Wireless Cell Phone Plans

Choosing a wireless mobile plan can be a very hard decision because there are many available options. We present the best three wireless mobile plans offered.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

As a wide variety of mobile phone plans and deals are coping up these days, sometimes the mobile phone buyers feel helpless and confused rather than finding the comfort of shopping. This happens just because right after entering into a shop for buying a handset you get loaded with a bunch of offers and deals knowing about all of those in detail and then deciding to go for one on the spot gets quite difficult. The best way to tackle this problem will be to opt for online shopping, taking your time in knowing these and then compare cell phone plans to trace the best out of these.

4 Cell Phones Designed for Seniors

The main objective of designed phone for senior to improve their quality of life, from the ease and simplicity of use. These mobile devices must use technological advances to provide services to older people to enable them to communicate with your partner, family and emergency services. But this is not always so. In usphoneplans.com we will highlight some of the features that should have these phones, and we present some of those currently on the market.