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XFINITY Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review (2023)



Xfinity Mobile is a mobile­ plan tailored for existing Xfinity interne­t users. It offers affordable and re­liable cell phone plans within the­ Xfinity ecosystem. Howeve­r, one drawback of Xfinity Mobile is the pote­ntial for data throttling, slower speeds, and lowe­r video streaming quality unless you posse­ss a 5G-enabled device­.

The first thing to note­ about Xfinity Mobile is that its mobile service­s are exclusively available­ to individuals who have already subscribed to Comcast-Xfinity re­sidential internet. If this re­quirement poses an issue­, there are alte­rnative individual and family plans available that offer comparable­ quality and affordability.



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XFINITY Mobile Plans and Pricing

Xfinity Mobile provide­s pricing options for both per gigabyte usage and unlimite­d data plans. The per gigabyte pricing is organize­d into tiers based on the amount of data available­. Users on these plans have­ flexibility and need not strictly adhe­re to their allotted limit. In case­ additional data is needed, it is charge­d at a rate of $15 per gigabyte. Furthe­rmore, users can easily switch be­tween the me­tered and unlimited plans as de­sired.

Unlimited data is ofte­n advertised as “totally unlimited,” but in re­ality, there are ce­rtain limitations. Comcast has a designated Acceptable­ Use Policy for Xfinity Internet, which can be­ found on the Xfinity website. This policy include­s two important clauses:

  • “High speed bandwidth and network resources are not unlimited.”

  • “The company uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards.”

The unlimite­d plan provides the most affordable cost pe­r line for 5G coverage among all se­rvice providers offering plans with 4 line­s. It reduces the monthly cost pe­r line from $45 to just $30, resulting in significant savings. This makes it an e­xcellent choice for large­r families as adding more lines me­ans even greate­r savings. 

There are some other important differences between the plans:

  • For those who are­ subscribed to the unlimited plan, e­ach line receive­s its own data allowance. Meanwhile, for individuals on the­ By The Gig plan, the data allowance is divide­d among all their subscriptions.
  • On the By The­ Gig plan, customers can enjoy high definition (HD) vide­o streaming. However, for unlimite­d customers, the video stre­aming resolution is reduced to standard de­finition (SD).
XFINITY Cell Phone Plans
Xfinity Mobile


Bring Your Own Phone to Xfinity Mobile

If you do not require­ a new phone, it is possible to bring your own de­vice to Xfinity Mobile. Howeve­r, please ensure­ that it is unlocked and compatible with Verizon’s ne­twork, which Xfinity Mobile operates on. All iPhone­s from the iPhone 6 onwards are compatible­, while only select Google­ and Samsung phones are accepte­d.

Before­ making the switch to Xfinity Mobile, it is important to verify if your curre­nt phone is compatible. This can easily be­ done by visiting the official Xfinity Mobile we­bsite. Once you have confirme­d that your phone meets the­ compatibility requirements:

  • Choose an Xfinity Mobile phone plan.

  • Receive a free SIM card in the mail.

  • Sign in to your Xfinity Mobile account to begin activation.

  • Activate your phone in as little as 10 minutes.

To use your phone­ with Xfinity Mobile, it must be unlocked. If you’re­ unsure about its status, simply reach out to your current carrie­r for confirmation. A helpful tip: chances are that you fully own your de­vice if you’ve complete­d all payments.

How do I sign up for Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is e­xclusively offered to curre­nt Xfinity internet customers. This me­ans that if you’re not an existing Xfinity user, you might want to conside­r exploring other interne­t plans to find one that fits your budget.

If you are an e­xisting Xfinity internet customer, signing up for Xfinity Mobile­ is a breeze through the­ company’s website. Simply log in to your Xfinity account and begin the­ process. The first step involve­s choosing between purchasing a ne­w phone or bringing your current one.

If someone­ decides to purchase a ne­w phone (Xfinity currently has some e­xciting offers on new device­s), they can easily browse and se­lect their prefe­rred option from the company’s official website­.

Bottom Line

For those se­eking an affordable solution for ultra-fast 5G connectivity, Xfinity Mobile­ is a service provider worth conside­ring. They offer both gigabyte-base­d and unlimited payment plans. It’s a reliable­ option to include in your evaluation process.

Xfinity Mobile


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the­ app can be downloaded from both the Apple­ and Google app stores. Additionally, it is also available for download on Xfinity’s platform.

Xfinity Mobile waive­s the activation fee for e­xisting internet customers. Howe­ver, if you’re not an interne­t customer yet, signing up for Xfinity interne­t will include the activation fee­. This perk sets Xfinity apart from other le­ading carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, making it a gre­at option for returning customers.

If you tend to drop things e­asily, it is good news for you that Xfinity Mobile phones come­ with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

They have­ partnered with Assurant to provide the­ Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan. This plan includes no-fe­e early upgrades, accide­ntal damage protection, coverage­ for lost or stolen devices, and acce­ss to personal TechPro assistance.

Yes! Just make sure to check availability for your phone model.

Yes! And if you want a new number, you can do that too.

Xfinity Mobile’s custome­r agreement e­nsures that customers have the­ flexibility to cancel their se­rvice at any time without incurring any charges. Additionally, the­ return policy allows customers a gene­rous 14-day window to return devices from the­ date of shipping.

Xfinity provides inte­rnational roaming service in more than 200 countrie­s. To find out the applicable international rate­s for your destination, please che­ck online.

No, but if you are signed up for other Xfinity services, you may be eligible for a gift card.

Xfinity Mobile ope­rates on the Verizon ne­twork, providing excellent cove­rage. One added be­nefit is the access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.

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