Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

For a long time, senior citizens represented the under-served market among cell phone carriers. Most network providers focused on creating the latest smart, complicated phones and accessories for the younger generation and overlooked the needs of seniors who often desire simple, affordable and durable phones. Fortunately, there are some companies which are now offering cheap cell phone plans for seniors.


Cell phones are important, especially for seniors who can live, driving and spend a lot of time alone. The benefits of owning a cell phone safety are obvious, call for help can be a necessity. Many wireless companies have changed their marketing efforts to push wireless packages for seniors that offer many of the same standard features as other wireless plans and similar and monthly fees.

Consumer Cellular

consumer cellular cell phone plans

Consumer Cellular isn’t a company that is specifically tailored to seniors however it has cell phone plans that are simple, low cost and will provide a variety of those to choose from. What happens is Consumer Cellular buys airtime from the other leading wireless phone providers and then takes those minutes and repackages them for their individual service plans.
Since they are purchasing airtime from other providers the coverage areas are basically going to be the same as the other cellular companies.

The nice benefit when it comes to Consumer Cellular is that there isn’t any long-term contract that has to be signed and their service comes with a risk-free, satisfaction free guarantee. What this entails is someone can try the service for 30 minutes of phone use or 30 days, whichever comes first and if you don’t like the service at that point you’re able to cancel and don’t have to pay anything.

The plans start out at as little as $10 a month and there are no long distance or roaming charges with the plans. Additionally, you can change your plan at any tie and if you want to add a phone to the same plan you can do so for only $10 dollars.

There is a $35 activation fee and there are only four phones to choose from. There is a phone that is offered for free after a mail-in rebate and the most expensive phone is around $115.

The Plan Costs and Details:

  • $35 activation fee
  • $0.25 per minute for overage
  • No long-term contracts
  • Free voicemail (airtime rates do apply)
  • Can switch plans without charge
  • Text messaging (for a fee)
  • Are able to keep the same phone number

The consumer cellular is a telephone service provider catering the needs of senior citizens. The company is known to offer cheap simple cellphones which seniors are comfortable using. In addition, it also offers a prepaid for a small fee ($10 per month). Its customer service is primarily geared to senior citizens, with caring staff members and a support team within the United States. Check Out Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans for seniors here: View Plans


jitterbug cell phone plans

This is a type of cell phone was designed keeping the senior citizens in mind. The Jitterbug Company is both a phone maker and a career with an appeal for senior citizens. The company modifies cell phones for easier use by the senior market. It has easy to read fonts, larger buttons, and uncomplicated layouts
which were previously used in the traditional phones.

Some of its features include:

  • Voice Dial for a quicker access to contacts
  • Powerful Speakers which deliver loud, clear sound
  • Long-lasting battery. These batteries last up to twenty-five days of standby time
  • A simple camera that is easy to use. In addition, this camera has photo sharing application
  • Speakerphone
  • A 24 hours, 7 days a week U. S. Based Operators by dialing “0”

Jitterbug by Great Call is a cell phone plans for seniors, which ranges in price from 50 minutes total per month for $ 14.99 to $ 49.99 for unlimited talk and text. Plan characteristics and are more anytime minutes, and no contract, no cancellation fees, no data charges and no contracts. Users can have access to health advice in everyday life, the phone book, calendar, text messaging and even a live nurse. He set up a single time fee. Check Out Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans for seniors here: View Plans

AT&T Senior Nation 200

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T released a wireless cell phone plan that is directed at those that are 65 years of age or older. The new plan is a lower cost one that is geared towards the senior that doesn’t need to use a cell phone all that often but would like to have one for emergencies and to help them stay connected to family and friends.

You’ll find that the plan is structured like the other plans that are offered by the company but will provide lower minutes and will not offer as many extras and features as the regular wireless plans. This plan includes 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes with unlimited mobile to mobile calling with only $29.99 per month for access.

Additionally, there are no roaming or long distance charges and unlike the other plans, you will not get rollover minutes with this plan.

Just like the other plans, there are early termination fees but there is a 30-day satisfaction grace period to try the service and still avoid the termination fee. In order to be eligible, you have to be 65 years of age or older.

AT&T Senior Nation 200 is a wireless plan that provides seniors with 200 anytime minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes. The plan includes long distance, call waiting, call forwarding caller ID, voice mail and conference calling. Users can make mobile unlimited mobile calls to other users within the AT&T network. The plan requires unique activation fee and contract for two years and is available for a low monthly fee. Check Out at&t Cell Phone Plans for seniors here: View Plans

Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus

verizon cell phone plans

Verizon’s Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus plan is only available for seniors older than 65 years. The plan is very competitive with the AT&T’s Senior Nation 200 plan. The disadvantage of this plan is that the extras such as data and text messaging cost more than that of their competitors.

Some of its features include

  • 500 night & weekend minutes on the Single-Line Plan
  • 1000 night & weekend minutes on the Two-Line Plan
  • Has no local long distance charges
  • Wider Coverage plan. This plan allows you to stay connected with America’s most reliable high-speed wireless network.

Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus is a plan that provides wireless high 200 minutes in all and 500 night and weekend minutes for a monthly access fee $ 29.99. There is no charge for domestic long distance. Users who sign up for Verizon’s Friends and Family Promotion can even make calls to up to five users off-grid. The plan is open to users at least 65 years of age and older. Check Out at&t Cell Phone Plans for seniors:  View Plans


greatcall cell phone plans

Most cell phone providers only offer exceptional services to callers within the United States, but about the senior citizens with family members living in foreign countries?
In the world today, it has been noticed that there is an increasing number of senior citizens who are turning to cell phones other than using the traditional lines to make calls and keep in touch with their loved ones. It is of much importance that the seniors get easy access to emergency services and is also crucial for a service to offer high quality attuned to their needs. These plans represent some of the best affordable cell phone plans for seniors in 2018. Check Out GreatCall Cell Phone Plans for seniors  View Plans

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Many people are switching to smartphones nowadays. However, what is the use of a smartphone if you cannot fully utilize its functions? Most mobile phones require Internet access to make calls through mobile apps such as Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and more.

Most mobile phone plans can be expensive, which makes it hard for some people to avail one. Those who cannot afford to pay 100 dollars a month may have to rely on free Wi-Fi in order to communicate to their contacts.

One of the most price-sensitive consumers is the senior citizen. Since they are mostly living on their retirement funds, they are bound to be sensitive when it comes to market prices.

Because of the increase in the use of advanced cell phones, many mobile and telecommunications companies are trying to make their services available for the different types of consumers.

Some service providers take into account that consumers such as the seniors need their service but have financial restrictions.

Page Plus Cellular

page plus cell phone plans

Page Plus Cellular is run by Verizon network. It offers mobile data plans that other telecommunications providers do not. One of its standard plans is 250 minutes of calls, 250 texts and 10 MB of data for a monthly fee of 12 dollars. This is great for seniors because they are affordable. Check Out Page Plus Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for seniors  View Plans

Net10 Wireless

net10 cell phone plans

Net10 offers bundle plans that include unlimited minutes, texts and data at a low monthly price. They have family plans from 2 up to 4 people. The 2-person monthly plan costs 75 or 90 dollars, depending on your choice of 500
MB or 2.5 GB high-speed data. The 3-person monthly plan costs $130, while the plan for four persons costs $170 per month. This is perfect for families that have senior citizens because they can just include them in the plan to complete the minimum number of people needed. Check Out Net10 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for seniors  View Plans

Ultra Mobile

ultra mobile cell phone plans

Ultra Mobile uses the T-Mobile Network plus the HSPA. It is one of the best prepaid cell phone plans for seniors in 2017 because it has one of the cheapest mobile plans on the market. For as low as $19 a month, mobile users can enjoy 250 minutes, unlimited text messages as well as 50 MB of 4G high-speed mobile data. This plan is beneficial for retirees who are on a tight budget.It is important to keep up with the upcoming trends in the telecommunications industry because communication is a part of our daily lives. Regardless of your age, finding the right mobile data plan is all about finding the one that suits your preference and your budget limit. Check Out Ultra Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for seniors View Plans

4 Cell Phones Designed for Seniors

The main objective of the designed phone for seniors to improve their quality of life, from the ease and simplicity of use. These mobile devices must use technological advances to provide services to older people to enable them to communicate with your partner, family and emergency services. But this is not always so. In we will highlight some of the features that should have these phones, and we present some of those currently on the market

When we talk about all smartphones directly but believe it or not many people in need, for example, Senior or because they simply do not like touch screens still choose basic phones or feature phones.

cell phones for seniors should not be easy, so we decided to make an entry comparing the best phones for senior and so older people also have the option of having a mobile.

Snapfon ezTWO Senior Cell Phone, SIMPLE and Easy to Use, Hearing Aid Compatible, SOS Button, UNLOCKED GSM

cell phones and plans for seniors in 2017

Snapfon ezTWO
Let’s start with one of the most-simple terminals we can now find the market, Snapfon ezTWO. That is extremely easy to use the phone; the functions are very small and in fact has neither camera, which makes it ideal for
the user profile that you only want the phone to call.

Keys have a very large size, very high sound, charging base and back as usual in mobile targeting senior has an emergency button.

KEVENZ® Km-100

cell phones for seniors in 2017

KEVEN Z is one of the brands aimed at creating phones for older people with higher reputation. KEVEN Z model offers a phone with big buttons and easy to read display.

It also includes SOS button to direct calls and ten-speed dial buttons. The price also positively influences your purchase. For under $56 we have a good phone for a senior.

Nokia 220 

best cell phones for seniors


Nokia is synonymous with quality and warranty. With the model Nokia 220, Nokia offers a simple, straightforward and easy to use model. Maybe the buttons are not as big as the KEVEN Z but still are easy to see and use. Nokia 220 also includes radio and the price does not exceed $45.

Samsung GT-C3520BLK

best cell phones for senior in us

And to close this quick turn to Samsung to present the most-complete option but you also have to consider which is the most complicated to use.

Let’s talk about the Samsung GT-C3520BLK, a phone with a 2.4-inch screen with large, separated keys, suitable for elderly, and incorporates features that previous phones not included.

Also, ave FM radio and Bluetooth-C3520BLK GT also has a camera of 1.4 megapixels, has a small application and EDGE connectivity also number the ability to view videos and photos on your screen and expand its internal memory
micro SD cards. The more complicated to use but also a more complete, for those who want to take pictures of their grandchildren on the phone.

We compare their characteristics 

best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2017

Now after having done a quick review of the pros and cons of each model touches make a more visual overview of the possibilities offered by each phone, so we have collected the most-important aspects to consider when gifting a phone this type in the table above.

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