Best Senior Cell Phone Plans for 2023

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

If you are considering a new cell phone plan for yourself or a loved one, there are several things to consider. You may want to consider a plan that has unlimited data, a mobile hotspot, or a prepaid plan. This will help you to avoid surprise bills. Also, a prepaid plan may cost less. However, you might have to spend more if you need to use a lot of data. Below you will find the best senior cell phone plans for 2023 and what to expect with each option.

There are many options for cell phone plans for seniors. These options range from low-cost plans to subsidized plans. Each of these options is designed to meet the needs of older adults.

For example, Consumer Cellular's one-line plan starts at $15 a month and includes 250 minutes of talk time and unlimited text. The company also offers an unlimited talk and text plan for $25 a month. Moreover, the company offers discounts to AARP members. It also allows customers to choose which phone they want to use.

In addition, T-Mobile and Sprint offer a number of senior-friendly plans. Although both carriers have nationwide coverage, they might cost more than other providers. Nevertheless, these plans are ideal for older adults who don't need the newest phones.

Verizon Wireless is another provider that offers a 55+ plan. Their 55+ plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. However, it does require a three-month prepayment. They also have a 5G More plan. With this plan, you get HD streaming and higher-speed tethering.

Republic Wireless has no-contract plans that can save you money. While they are not specifically geared toward senior citizens, their phones do have large buttons and icons. This makes them easy to use for older users. They also provide a nationwide 5G network.

For people who need a lot of data, you may want to consider T-Mobile. Their 5G More plan includes unlimited data, and they also have a hotspot option. Unlike most unlimited plans, they allow you to add more data, and they also include the ability to purchase additional data.

Another choice is Mint Mobile. Unlike most cell phone companies, they do not require customers to sign a long-term contract. A 55+ plan costs $15 a month per line, and they include unlimited talk, text, and data. Plus, they offer free calls to Canada and Mexico.

Other companies that offer great senior-friendly options are Snapfon and GreatCall. GreatCall's Jitterbug phone is a great choice for tech-savvy older adults. Moreover, they offer sosPlus emergency response service. Lastly, Republic Wireless has an annual payment option.

If you need a phone for a fixed income, you might want to check out the Lifeline program. This program subsidizes cell phone plans for people on government programs. By participating, you receive a discounted monthly rate, a cell phone buyer's guide, and a discount on broadband internet service.

If you don't need a lot of data, you might find the Mint 55+ plan a good option. Although it requires a prepayment for three months, it is worth the investment. Besides that, it features unlimited text and talk, and it includes free calls to Canada and Mexico.

How to Find the Best Senior Cell Phone Plan for You

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 92% of senior citizens in the U.S. have a cell phone. The majority are smartphones. This growing market has been tapped by cell phone manufacturers who have created cell phones specifically for seniors. What's a great phone without a useful and understandable cell phone plan?

While unlimited high-speed internet, video streaming, and a mobile hotspot are all standard features on modern cell phone plans (and are popular features for younger generations), these are not always the features seniors require. Many older adults just want to be able to call their loved ones and receive help in an emergency. best prepaid sim card USA

For a more flexible option, look into a pay-as-you-go cell phone. These phones are available without a contract and allow you to make calls, text, and even use data as you need to. However, it's important to check the fine print before purchasing a pay-as-you-go plan. You don't want to have to pay extra for unused minutes or texts.

Another option is a family plan. Most of the major carriers provide plans that can be used by two or four people. This allows you and your family to choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. With this option, you can keep each person on a separate line, and you can each control the way your phone is charged.

Pay-as-you-go is a great option for seniors, as it is more flexible and affordable than a contract. They are available with 30-90-day expiration dates. Although you will have to pay a monthly bill, you don't have to worry about overages or charges.

A great example of a prepaid plan is Republic Wireless. The company offers a variety of smartphones at a discounted rate, including the Galaxy A13 5G. While this is a prepaid plan, you can also buy a plan in advance and have it paid for in full. Also, the data plan is unlimited.

Another great option is the Consumer Cellular plan. It is one of the more affordable options, and it includes a 5% discount if you are an AARP member. Not only that, but you can mix and match your text, talk, and data.

The FCC Lifeline program is another way to save on your cell phone bill. In addition to providing a discount on broadband internet service, the program also offers a discount on your monthly cellular service.

T-Mobile is one of the largest nationwide networks, and it offers a 55+ plan for its customers. Other nationwide carriers offer structured discounts for seniors. Depending on your state, you can also purchase a discounted two-line plan.

Prepaid cell phone plans are a popular alternative for seniors who want to cut costs. You can select a basic prepaid plan with a limited amount of data, or a more expensive unlimited plan. Many people prefer to have a prepaid phone because they don't have to commit to a long-term contract. Plus, they can switch carriers without penalty.

Whether you decide to go with a prepaid or unlimited plan, you will need to know how much data you will need. An unlimited plan is ideal for mobile gaming or other high-demand activities, but it can cost more than a basic prepaid plan. Fortunately, you can often avoid overage fees by using data over WiFi.

AARP Cell Phone Plan Discounts For Seniors

If you are an AARP member, you can receive discounts on cell phone plans. There are many options available, and you can save money on the right plan for you. The discounts vary from time to time, but generally, you can save up to 15% on certain accessories and plans.

Depending on your budget, you can choose a cheap prepaid plan or a more expensive unlimited plan. Unlimited plans include unlimited talk and text. Often, they include a lot of data, too. Getting an unlimited plan will help you avoid surprise bills and keep you connected.

For AARP members, Consumer Cellular offers the best deals. With their one-line plan, you get 250 minutes, texts, and data capabilities. In addition, you can add additional lines to your account and customize your communication plan. Plus, they offer a 5% discount to AARP members.

Another great deal is from Mint Mobile. You can sign up for their 4GB plan for $15 a month. This is a great option for senior couples or individuals who need a high-data, low-cost plan. They also offer a 6-month plan that comes with a 4GB monthly allowance.

Another great option is Safelink Wireless. This service provider covers over 34 states. It includes free mobile phones for eligible seniors, plus 250 free voice calls and 1,000 free texts a month. However, you must meet some residency requirements. Also, you will need to apply for the Lifeline program, which is a federal program.

AT&T is another major cell phone carrier that offers a discount to AARP members. You can take advantage of the phone deal by signing up online, or by talking to a sales agent at a local store. To get the discount, you will need to provide proof of your age. Once you do, you can take advantage of a $10 per line discount. Other benefits include waived activation or upgrade fees, and 15% off select phone accessories.

Verizon Wireless is another great carrier that has some good deals for AARP members. Their 5G More plans start at $80 a month for a single line and include HD streaming and higher-speed tethering. You can also get an unlimited hot spot data plan that streams video at DVD quality. Additionally, Verizon customer care representatives can assist you with adding contacts to your device.

Sprint has a wide range of phones to choose from. While some phones have features specifically geared toward the elderly, others are just as easy to use. Seniors can even buy a phone that has no contract.

One last thing to look for in a cell phone for seniors is a durable device that can stand up to years of wear and tear. When looking for a device, consider its battery capacity and its screen size. Most smartphones are smaller, but the larger the display, the more it can be used by senior citizens.

The best way to find a good AARP cell phone plan is to shop around. You may be able to find a great deal that you didn't know about.

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans for Seniors

Whether you're looking for a new cell phone plan or want to upgrade the one you already have, Consumer Cellular can offer you a variety of plans for seniors. These plans can help older adults stay connected with friends and family.

With plans ranging from 1GB to unlimited data, consumers can choose a plan that will work best for them. For example, Consumer Cellular offers the Unlimited Talk & Text cell phone plan for only $20 per month for a single line, which includes unlimited talk and text. The company also provides a free SIM card. It's important to note that Consumer Cellular has no overage penalties, so you won't be charged for a large amount of data. You can also take advantage of their paperless billing and AutoPay options.

Consumer Cellular is a reliable and affordable option for older adults. This provider has been rated highly by Consumer Reports for its customer service and affordable prices. In addition to the affordable plans, the company has an impressive selection of phones and tablets. To make choosing the right phone easier, the website has a comprehensive buying guide.

Aside from plans for seniors, Consumer Cellular offers a range of flexible monthly plans for customers. Customers can select from a wide array of smartphones, flip phones and tablet models. Plus, customers can add on additional lines and get an unlimited plan.

Seniors can take advantage of a number of discounts, including a $5 discount on paperless billing and a $5 autopay discount. If you're an AARP member, you'll receive a 5% discount on your monthly cell phone bill. There are also special plans designed for veterans and low-income customers.

The unlimited data plan is a less competitive option. However, it's still a great choice for consumers who use their mobile phones frequently. Consumer Cellular offers automatic upgrades if you go over your limit. When you're over 35GB of data in a billing cycle, your data speed will be slowed down. As a result, you may be better off with a prepaid plan that doesn't have a limit on how much data you can use.

Another benefit of using a consumer cellular service for your senior needs is that you can bring your own phone to the company. While it's best to have a cell phone of your own, many seniors enjoy using a smartphone. Even seniors who aren't tech-savvy might enjoy watching TV and browsing the internet on a device.

Other benefits include easy-to-use websites, helpful customer support team members, and nationwide coverage. The company's website also features an extensive library of user guides and tutorials for several different phones and devices.

Consumer Cellular is a popular wireless carrier for older adults. Not only does the company offer a wide variety of affordable plans for seniors, it's also dedicated to customer service. Whether you have questions about a particular plan, need assistance with a specific device, or would like a referral credit, the Customer Care Team is available to help.

Lively Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Lively offers several affordable and accessible cell phone plans for seniors. Their devices are specifically designed to help senior adults stay connected with friends and family while keeping them safe. They can also be used as medical alert systems.

These cell phones come with great features and are easy to use. The most basic of them comes with a speakerphone and caller ID. Users can also access the LivelyLink app to help keep loved ones in the loop about their health.

Other features include a large screen, a powerful speaker, and a flashlight. While the device is not as user-friendly as the iPhone, it is still easy to use. There is even a built-in Amazon Alexa function to help you control your home automation. You can also use it to answer questions about the weather.

A great feature of this device is the SOS button. With a single tap of the button, you can immediately get help from an emergency responder. But it's not the only good thing about the Jitterbug Smart3. It also has a huge menu, a standard game, and a built-in medical alert system.

If you are looking for an Android-style smartphone, you should consider the Jitterbug Flip 2. This flip phone features a bright display and a powerful speaker. It also includes a built-in magnifier, but it has limited connectivity. It doesn't have the features of its sibling the Smart3. However, the phone is a great choice for texting.

The Jitterbug Smart3 is another popular option from Lively. Designed for older adults, this smartphone is very easy to use. It has a large screen and a long battery life. In addition to the smartphone, it includes a medical alert system and an SOS button. Plus, the Smart3 includes mobile internet access.

Another great thing about the Lively device is that it does not require a contract. Customers can opt to pay a one-time activation fee, then add the plan they need to their calling and texting plan. As long as they stay within the limits of their chosen data plan, they can use the device.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost text-and-talk plan, or an advanced phone with a variety of features, you will find what you are looking for with Lively. And their customer service is available by phone or online, which is particularly convenient if you have any trouble using your phone.

All of the options on the Lively list are affordable and convenient, and they can be a perfect match for senior consumers. Regardless of what you choose, you can feel confident knowing that you will be receiving top-notch service from a US-based customer support team.

The best part of these cell phone plans for seniors is that they are contract-free. That means that if you change your mind about using the service, you can leave it at any time without penalty. Also, you can take advantage of the company's one-year limited warranty.



Tello Mobile Logo

Tello Mobile

Start at $5/month

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Start at $30/month

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Start at $15/month

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Start at $19/month

US Mobile

US Mobile

Start at $10/month

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular

Start at $25/month



Start at $25/month

Best Senior Cell Phone Plans for 2023

best senior cell phone plans

There are a variety of cell phone plans available for senior citizens. But finding the best one can be hard. Most cell phone plans are based around three core services: talk, text, and data.

If you are a senior, you want to find a plan that covers these areas, as well as one that will suit your budget. Some providers also offer special features for seniors.

This article will provide information about the different types of cell phones available and the best options for seniors in terms of coverage, cost, and senior-specific features.

Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile

Tello allows you to purchase as little or as much data as you need. Tello’s 1GB plan, which includes unlimited talk and text, is the best for light users. It costs only $10 per month. There are no fees or contracts to worry about so you won’t have any surprises in your billing. Unlimited plans are available at $39 per month and include 25GB of high-speed data. If you wish to bring your family, you can add up to 4 lines to an account. However, there are no additional discounts.

You can call your family and friends in Canada, Mexico, or China through Tello. There is also support for calls to other countries. You can call other countries, but you will need to pay per minute. Texts cost typically 1 cent per text.

As long as your phone is unlocked and compatible with T-Mobile’s network, you can bring it along. To be certain, you can check your IMEI. Tello has a few smartphones on its website, including cheap smartphones and refurbished flip phones. You will need to bring the higher-end model.

Pricing: $10/mo – $39/mo | Data options: 1GB – Unlimited | Talk & Text: Unlimited | Perks: 5G, mobile hotspot, Free calls to 60+ Countries

View Tello Plans



Visible, a newly launched carrier by Verizon, utilizes its 4G/5G networks. Visible is an attempt to be different by only offering one plan. There are no add-ons or options to confuse things. Visible can only be accessed online or via the Visible app. Andrew Grush, our own Visible tester, shared his experiences right here.

Only one Visible Prepaid Plan is available: $40 per month, with no taxes and fees. This price includes unlimited talk, text, and data as well as hotspot support for that plan for your smartphone. Visible also offers $25 for your first month, as well as PartyPay, which allows you to share your service with friends. Each month, you will each pay $25. Visible will reduce your monthly bill by $5 if you refer a friend.

Pricing: $40mo | Data options: Unlimited | Talk & Text: Unlimited | Perks: 5G, mobile hotspot, free Mex & CA calling

View Visible Plans

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers some of the most affordable phone plans on the market. Mint Mobile provides great deals for those who are willing and able to pay upfront. Mint Mobile offers unlimited texting and calling in the U.S. and a mobile hotspot if needed. The 4GB plan is only $15 per month when you purchase 12 months. It’s difficult to find a better deal.

Although $180 per year can seem expensive, it can help you take advantage of situations when you have extra cash, such as a tax refund. It’s also nice to not think about your phone bill for the entire year. A six-month plan costs $20 per month, while a three-month plan costs $25 per month. Mint offers three months for $15 per month. You can then renew the plan for as long as you like.

Mint Mobile makes use of T-Mobile’s expanding network. This is especially true if you own one of the top Android phones with 5G, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. It supports both of T-Mobile’s sub-6 5G bands. Mint Mobile includes 5G for no extra cost.

Pricing: $15/mo – $30/mo | Data options: 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, Unlimited | Talk & Text: Unlimited | Perks: 5G, mobile hotspot, free Mex & CA calling 

View Mint Mobile Plans



You are looking for an easy-to-use phone plan that offers great coverage and flexibility? Twigby offers affordable plans starting at $9 per month, before discounts.

Twigby offers affordable plans and also has some great discounts for new customers. For the first six months, customers can save 50% on the sticker price A bare-bones plan that includes no data and 300 minutes will cost you $4.50 per month for the first half-year. For the first six months, a more generous plan that includes 10GB of data and unlimited minutes is only $21.50 per month.

Twigby plans include international calling, texting, WiFi calling, and texting. You can also use a hotspot for no additional charge. Twigby will sell you phones, or you can bring your own device if it is compatible.

Twigby does not offer unlimited data plans, unlike many other competitors. You can only purchase 10GB of data as part of a plan. Twigby may not be the best choice for people who use their phones frequently without access to WiFi.

Twigby has a great selection of plans that are affordable and offer excellent customer service. Twigby, unlike other big-name mobile service providers, is honest about pricing and plans.

Pricing: $9/mo – $35/mo | Data options: 500MB – 10GB | Talk & Text: 300 – Unlimited | Perks: 5G, Free international calling and texting

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US Mobile

US Mobile

US Mobile is a prepaid provider that connects to both the Verizon and T-Mobile networks with 5G access. You can select the SIM that best suits your phone and offers solid coverage in your local area when you sign up. Both networks offer great coverage throughout the county. T-Mobile’s 5G network is more advanced. Both networks will provide great coverage and performance for most people.

Customers can create their own plans with US Mobile so that they get exactly what they want without any wasted. Start time starts at 75 minutes and there is unlimited access to all available data. The Unlimited plan from US Mobile is one of the best value plans, as long as you use the data. US Mobile’s unlimited plan does not have a speed limit or data cap, unlike in the past. Hotspot data can be added to customers’ unlimited plans for $10 per month. US Mobile includes taxes and fees with its unlimited plan price. What you see is what you will pay.

The family plan is the strength of US Mobile. When you add more lines, US Mobile reduces the cost of its unlimited plan. You’ll pay $30 for two lines and $25 for four lines. Unlimited talk, text, data, and other benefits are included in this plan. You can also add three lines to get a free subscription. There are many options. You can subscribe to music streaming, video streaming, or online gaming. Another service will be available with four lines.

Pricing: $10/mo – $30/mo | Data options: 1GB – 30GB | Talk & Text: Unlimited | Perks: 5G, mobile hotspot

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Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is an excellent option for your cell service if you don’t use a lot of data per month or don’t require unlimited talk minutes. (Or both! You can choose from one of the two data tiers offered by the carrier at very reasonable prices. If you need more data, you can also switch your monthly data allocation.

By limiting your talk time to 250 minutes per month, you can save money on your monthly bill. This will lower the cost of your 3GB plan by $5-$25 per month.

Seniors love Consumer Cellular’s 5% discount on monthly rates. T-Mobile and AT&T are the carriers that provide coverage. This means you will likely get excellent network performance regardless of where you are. You can also enjoy 5G coverage if you purchase an iPhone 12 or Galaxy Note 20 through the carrier. Consumer Cellular isn’t immune to criticisms about customer service. However, it’s generally considered a simple service that will help you manage your plan and keep your phone costs low.

Pricing: $15/mo – $60/mo | Data options: 500MB – Unlimited | Talk & Text: 250 – Unlimited | Perks: 5G, AARP discount

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Lively was founded in 2012 as a connected platform for older adults. GreatCall purchased it in 2015 and Best Buy bought it in 2018.12 The MVNO uses the Verizon network with nationwide coverage. Because it provides user-friendly devices as well as safety packages, Lively is our top choice for seniors.

Lively offers health and safety services, along with a la carte text and data plans, unlike other prepaid providers. You can either purchase a standalone version or a package that includes phone services and health. The features you get will depend on which plan you have.

Lively has a range of plans that will suit your needs. The safety and health versions cost $19.99 to $34.99 per month. Consumers can also purchase data, talk, text, and data for an additional charge. Best Buy may offer better deals. This gives you the opportunity to test out the devices and ensure they work for you and your family members.

Pricing: $15/mo – $55/mo | Data options: 100MB – Unlimited | Talk & Text: 300 – Unlimited | Perks: 5G, health & safety package

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