Best Cell Phone Companies With Best Plans

Getting the best cell phone plan on a fresh cell phone deal is far from simple], and you are forgiven for purchasing the impression that cell phone companies are intentionally making it complicated. As soon as you have chosen what phone you desire, you still need to choose which service provider to sign up with, at which purpose you might ask whether it makes sense to purchase a subsidized Smartphone through a two years contract, or maybe if the pay-as-you-go plan is much better for your requirements. Then, naturally, there is the question of network coverage (certain carriers have higher service in several areas), along with the prices tiers for a voice call, text messages, and web data plan.

Before you decide to throw yourself up in re-up and defeat with the exact same company for another 2 years since it's easy, spend some time to review and compare the prices and possible cost savings of most the carrier plans. You might find the best cell phone plan for you.

When looking for a wireless cell phone carrier, be aware of 2 things: coverage in which you require it trumps almost all else, and when you find service providers that offer excellent service in your areas, you must choose whoever provides the cheapest complete price of ownership for your normal usage. That’s how we arrived in this particular recommendation; however many other factors may have an effect on what’s great for your own personal needs.

Best Cell Phone Companies 2015

Verizon Wireless: The best cell phone carrier

The largest wireless company in USA, Verizon Wireless runs a strong and wide-reaching 4G LTE coverage and a good collection of basic handsets, Smartphones and feature phones. Partnerships between Verizon and Vodafone, Verizon Wireless was created in 2000 via a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE Wireless.

Details you should know about Verizon Wireless:
  • Verizon offers a "Share Everything" plan which includes unlimited voice calls and text for multiple phones plus a monthly allotment of web data use (individual lines plans are offered}, The monthly cost increases depending on the amount and model of phones you add to the plan along with the amount of web data that you select to utilize.
  • As a CDMA provider, Verizon's international network coverage is limited to a few countries, but it provides dual-mode CDMA/GSM phones.
  • Verizon has prepaid plans.
  • Verizon released Edge, its first upgrade program. You get a new cell phone without an advance payment, but you are on the hook for twenty four monthly bills before the phone is really yours. Moreover, Verizon limits you to one upgrade every 6 months and you have paid off 50% of the cost of your phone before you decide to deal it in for another device. 

Best Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Plans 


top cell phone companies
best cell phone companies

Sprint: Cheapest cell phone service provider

With a general rating of {7.75/10|7.76/10}, a small customer support service score (50%), and low coverage (65% in urban zones and 55% in rural zones), Sprint (NYSE:S) definitely isn’t on the similar playing field as AT&T and Verizon. However, it provides unlimited data along with global calling. Sprint as well offers numerous handsets with different functions. Sprint family plans are popular, and though the coverage is not at all times strong, Sprint is offered national calls. This is especially useful for those who travel often or families with college children.

For the past couple of months, the carrier provided an application known as Sprint One Up, but that finished Jan 9. The application used to permit users who bought a qualified Smartphone when agreeing to pay twenty four monthly payments for the phone to deal the cell phone in after twelve sequential months of paying. Consumers will then be provided a new device and a new agreement. While the plan expires, in case Sprint brings this plan back, this offer could notably increase its client base.

Best Sprint Cell Phone Plans 


best cell phone companies
top cell phone companies

AT&T: top cell phone company

AT&T is one of the 2 largest cell phone companies in the United States. the coverage network features is second fast mobile broadband in the USA. It provides single-line, business, single-line plans to fit every cell phone need. And also its phone collection is great: You can purchase mobile hotspots and tablets and almost any new or last-generation mobile phone you might want. AT&T is not our best carrier –the coverage isn't strong, the speeds quite fast, or the customer support as constantly dependable as we would like.

Monthly Pricing
The best cell phone plans at the several companies we reviewed all vary extensively in price. AT&T carrier has the difference of being the most high-priced of the large four companies, – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Blocking seasonal promotions and specials, AT&T's costs are prodigiously expensive, beginning at $65 per month for a plan with 1GB of web data. It is possible to kick this down to $50 a month if you are wanting to use the AT&T early upgrade offer, but as we found when we shattered the numbers down, those usually cost a lot more over time.

Most of AT&T Mobile Share plans include unlimited text and talk. They are created for multiple members; however you can join one with a single cell phone. The deal fees for devices and web data rates individually: Each Smartphone on a package costs $40 a month, with web data charges changing by amount selected. A single line plan with 3GB of web data and unlimited text and talk will charge you $80 per month; with 6GB of web data, it might cost about $110.

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Almost all contract based AT&T deals are much more costly compared to plans at no-contract companies, however signing up for one allow you to order a new handset at subsidized price. Usually, it will help you save about $400 at first. Remember, that during a 2 years contract, the amount you would save at first is going to be eclipsed by the extra you will spend over those 2 years.

Best AT&T Cell Phone Plans

best cell phone companies
 top cell phone companies

T-Mobile: Best prepaid cell phone plans company

After an unsuccessful merger with AT&T in 2012, T-Mobile stays the lowest of the large four U.S. cell phone companies. It now runs a LTE coverage network and after 1st announcing a HSPA+ network that provides LTE-comparable rates of speed. T-Mobile was the last major company to offer the iPhone also it was an old market in Android. Compared to the other biggest carriers, the home signal network is less common in country areas.

Details you should know about T-Mobile:
  • T-Mobile modified its program service plan type. Most significantly, it did away with agreements completely, meaning that you can finish your service anytime you want. Users get unlimited talk and text service, as well as choosing from a number of web data packages you need. Though total web data utilize is unlimited, T-Mobile charges its plans by the amount of 4G data you use every month. Also, T-Mobile will no longer provide subsidies for their phones. You may either pay complete price for the phone up front or perhaps you can "finance" the phone by paying monthly payments for 2 years.
  • As a GSM provider, T-Mobile offers extensive global roaming.
  • T-Mobile company has no-contract family plans.
  • T-Mobile kicked off the first upgrade style by presenting Jump on July 10. Available just for clients that are paying off their phone in monthly payments (if you paid complete price, you are out of luck), Jump plan requires an additional charge of $10 a month, which also functions as an insurance plan. You will order your cell phone in twenty four monthly installments; however, unlike Verizon and AT&T, you begin with an initial payment. After you are in the Jump plan for 6 months, you are qualified to receive their first trade-in. You will need to make an additional down settlement on your new phone, but the method begins again by this time. 

Best T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans 

top cell phone companies
 best cell phone companies

Consumer Cellular: The best cell phone provider

You would be forgiven for having not heard about Consumer Cellular. It's AARP partner, the carrier does not promote itself far beyond it is target demographic, that is comprised of AARP subscribers and families of older, retired individuals. Their prices are affordable, and because of AT&T's network their coverage and web data speed are both quite strong. However Consumer Cellular does not provide the similar experience you would have at the best cell phone carriers, which explains why –a minimum of most people – we'd suggest companies higher on our list.

Beside the unlimited text and talk plans provided by all the best cell phone plans across the competitors, Consumer Cellular limited talk and text options are cheap but discouraging. The service provider breaks the plans into 2 halves – data allocations/talk minutes and text – which you spend for individually. Minutes are offered in 7 different tiers, which range from zero minutes for just $10 per month (helpful if you rarely call, with overages referred to per-minute), to 6,000 minutes for $60 (a lot more compared to the vast majority of callers ever use).

Text/data bundles are usually tiered, but in linked allocations. Hence, you can purchase 20MB of web data and 200 texts a month for $2.50, or you can choose 2.5GB of web data and 15.000 texts for $30. You cannot, however, order only a few text messages but lots of data. If you compare Consumer Cellular cell phone plans with what is available at the competitors, the carrier performs decently enough: It is possible to expect 2.5GB of web data and 600 voice minutes for $50, or even 1,200 minutes for $60 complete. While, we miss the ubiquity of cheap unlimited text and talk plans.

Best Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

best cell phone companies
top cell phone companies

Boost Mobile: Top Cell Phone Carriers

Boost Mobile is a cell phone carrier with many different qualities, but it is not the undeniable ideal at anything. As a prepaid service provider, for example, it is very cheap, with only a $35 level plan that is as affordable as anything you will find – except for a few the choices greater on our list which are as cheap, and also have features going for them. In case you fall under an extremely particular market, Boost Mobile is really an excellent alternative.

Best Boost Mobile Cell Phone Plans

cell phone companies
 best cell phone carriers
if your family's on a tight budget, choosing Boost Mobile might help you save a lot of money. The company's primary plan for cell phones costs $45. For that, you receive unlimited text, talk, 411 service assistance and extra features you would count on from a strong phone, additionally a 5GB of data. If you review that 5GB limit, you will still be able to access the internet; you will simply be throttled right down to 2G speeds.

Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Presented From Virgin Mobile

The cell phone revolution has changed in the last four years with more competition cell phone providers, every company want to improve a better service with lower monthly fees for their users, Virgin Mobile is one of the best option to a normal mobile phone plan for those that want a simple feature cell phone for calls, text and data plan. The only problem is the fact that Sprint owned Virgin Mobile just uses sprint’s small network, no-off network allowed.

Best Unlimited Phone Plans By Virgin Mobile 

Virgin Mobile Doesn’t charge roaming or activation fees for it’s prepaid service, some says that the plans look high-priced postpaid deals, however that final point is much more advertising than feature, since the carrier doesn’t permit Sprint’s off-network. Additionally local long-distance is only included in the monthly plans and pay as you go plan.

Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk Plan: best unlimited cell phone plans

Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plans begin with unlimited data plan 2,5 GB with high speed, unlimited text messages and 300 minutes voice calls for $35 per month, with $45 boost the minutes to 1,200 and $55 for unlimited calls service.

best unlimited cell phone plans
 cheap unlimited phone plans

Virgin Mobile PayLo: Cheapest unlimited Phone Plan

Virgin Mobile PayLo data, text and talk plan could be a great choice. For these kind of plans the prices begin at $20 a month for extra data and 400 minutes talk, text, $40 per month gives unlimited talk, text and 50 MB data plan. 

best unlimited phone plans
 best unlimited cell phone plans

Virgin Mobile Phone Selection

Virgin Mobile offers a great collection of mobile phones for beyond unlimited data plan and talk plans, starting with nice normal device that cost less than $50. Advanced cell phone customers can rather choose the modern iphone models, such as iphone 5S that cost over $550 or even more. Things aren’t as strong with android phones as apple cell phones but the top of the rang phones available devices, such as galaxy S III for $400, however there is certainly the best selection of mids and entry-level handsets.

Family share data plan
best unlimited cell phone plans
unlimited cell phone plans
Before choosing an LTE-capable mobile phone, even so, be definitely sure that LTE service is available in your location as the Virgin Mobile LTE network is still very small. Customers of PayLo talk, text can't utilize smart phones with that service. In its place Virgin Mobile provides a few of affordable basic-feature mobile phones for the PayLo users, which includes some that are less expensive than $15.

Virgin Mobile Performance

Virgin Mobile beyond talk service runs Sprint network, Note : make sure you check the coverage map in your local of Virgin Mobile before you choose the carrier, do this with every other service you choose to get a better coverage of the carrier, because some Virgin Mobile users says it might be an issue of coverage. The service earns high ratings of their voice quality.

 Broadband2Go Plans
best unlimited cell phone plans
cheap unlimited cell phone plans
VirginMobile service receives a large average ratings of customer surveys by many website that reviews carrier providers, the Virgin Mobile website i guess is hard to understand and navigate, they are giving 4.5 for Virgin Mobile, nearly over 1,800 users, particularly around support service, awarding about 2 out of 5 stars.

Family Mobile Plans Presenting an Economical Solution

The family mobile plans are great options for parents having kids spending minutes, messages and data plan. But it’s also very important to know everything about it, which carrier to choose and review every different offer in order to choose the best to be able to save some money. Always got to choose what’s best recognized in your area with the best reputation and review all of them to pick the family mobile plan for you and your family.

Reasons to Choose Family Mobile Plans

Below we presents to you some useful things you should know about how to and which family plan to use.

Family Mobile plans: minutes 

The first thing you should it’s to realize in which way you are going to use your minutes. Most cell phone companies provide free minutes for clients in different times during the day or to some certain phone numbers.

Then second thing, is to know which areas you will generally make calls to, because some companies give unlimited national country phone calls and other companies don’t.
And the last thing is to know how many members of the family will participate in the family mobile plan.

Family Cell Phone Plans: coverage map

This is the most important thing for any mobile plan. Because any plan that you choose can be cheap but also needs to have a good coverage in signal to be able to make phone calls without having any problem.
A good place to visit and acquire more and better information about this subject it’s in the cell phone companies’ web site. There’s also the help your family and friends can provide to you by asking them which company can best suit you and how good their coverage is.

Family Mobile Plans: number of phones

Family cell phone plans generally include only 2 phones, and they will charge you additional fees if you want more cell phones. If you want to add more phones later for your kids or any relative you should choose another plan that involves more than two phones.

Family Cell Phone Plans: text messages and data plan

Nowadays phones for us are more than simple phones, we basically have our summarized life in this small important device, and we check our email, browse the web, and much more.
Of course kids are the people of the family that use the cell phone much more and can spend more that’s why you should find a plan that suits this type of situation and your pocket.

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family mobile plans

family cell phone plans

family mobile plans
family cell phone plans

Discover The Best Cell Phones for Seniors

The main objective of designed phone for senior to improve their quality of life, from the ease and simplicity of use. These mobile devices must use technological advances to provide services to older people to enable them to communicate with your partner, family and emergency services. But this is not always so. In we will highlight some of the features that should have these phones, and we present some of those currently on the market.
best cell phone for senior

Ultimate Guide to the Best Cell Phones for Seniors

When we talk about all smartphones directly but believe it or not many people in need, for example Senior, or because they simply do not like touch screens still choose basic phones or feature phones.
cell phones for seniors should not be easy, so we decided to make an entry comparing the best phones for senior and so older people also have the option of having a mobile.

Snapfon ezTWO Senior Cell Phone, SIMPLE and Easy to Use, Hearing Aid Compatible, SOS Button , UNLOCKED GSM

best cell phones for seniors

Snapfon ezTWO Let’s start with one of the most-simple terminals we can now find the market, Snapfon ezTWO. That is extremely easy to use the phone; the functions are very small and in fact has neither camera, which makes it ideal for the user profile that you only want the phone to call.
Keys have a very large size, very high sound, charging base and back as usual in mobile targeting senior has an emergency button .

Best Cell Phone For Senior: KEVENZ® Km-100

cell phones for seniors
best cell phones for seniors
KEVENZ is one of the brands aimed at creating phones for older people with higher reputation. KEVENZ model offers a phone with big buttons and easy to read display.
It also includes SOS button to direct calls and ten speed dial buttons. The price also positively influences your purchase. For under $56 we have a good phone for senior. If you want to buy can see the offers by Click Here.

Cell Phone For Seniors: Nokia 220

best cell phones for seniors
 cell phones for seniors
Nokia is synonymous with quality and warranty. With the model Nokia 220 , Nokia offers a simple, straightforward and easy to use model.
Maybe the buttons are not as big as the KEVENZ but still are easy to see and use. Nokia 220 also includes radio and the price does not exceed $45. If you want to buy can click on the Nokia 220 0ffer.

Samsung GT-C3520BLK

cell phones for seniors
best cell phones for seniors
And to close this quick turn to Samsung to present the most-complete option but you also have to consider which is the most complicated to use.
Let’s talk about the Samsung GT-C3520BLK , a phone with 2.4 inch screen with large, separated keys, suitable for elderly, and incorporates features that previous phones not included.
Also have FM radio and Bluetooth-C3520BLK GT also has a camera of 1.4 megapixels, has a small application and EDGE connectivity also number the ability to view videos and photos on your screen and expand its internal memory micro SD cards. The more complicated to use but also a more complete, for those who want to take pictures of their grandchildren on the phone;-)

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We compare their characteristics

cell phones for seniors
 best cell phones for seniors
Now after having done a quick review of the pros and cons of each model touches make a more visual overview of the possibilities offered by each phone, so we have collected the most-important aspects to consider when gifting a phone this type in the following table.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors Worth a Look

Cell phones are important, especially for seniors who can live, driving and spend a lot of time alone. The benefits of owning a cell phone safety are obvious; call for help can be a necessity. Many wireless companies have changed their marketing efforts to push wireless packages for seniors that offer many of the same standard features as other wireless plans and similar and monthly fees.

 Senior Cell Phone Plans 2015

Jitterbug: Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

cell phone plans for seniors
 senior cell phone plans
Jitterbug by Great Call is a cell phone plans for seniors, which ranges in price from 50 minutes total per month for $ 14.99 to $ 49.99 for unlimited talk and text. Plan characteristics and are more anytime minutes, and no contract, no cancellation fees, no data charges and no contracts. Users can have access to health advice in everyday life, the phone book, calendar, text messaging and even a live nurse. He set up a single time fee.

AT&T Senior Nation 200: Senior Cell Phone Plans

senior cell phone plans
cell phone plans for seniors
AT&T Senior Nation 200 is a wireless plan that provides seniors with 200 anytime minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes. The plan includes long distance, call waiting, call forwarding caller ID, voice mail and conference calling. Users can make mobile unlimited mobile calls to other users within the AT&T network. The plan requires unique activation fee and contract for two years and is available for a low monthly fee.

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Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus: Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

best cell phone plans for seniors
cell phone plans for seniors
The Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus is a plan that provides wireless high 200 minutes in all and 500 night and weekend minutes for monthly access fee $ 29.99. There is no charge for domestic long distance. Users who sign up for Verizon’s Friends and Family Promotion can even make calls to up to five users off-grid. The plan is open to users at least 65 years of age and older.

Best Cell Phone Plans Updated in 2015

As a wide variety of mobile phone plans and deals are coping up these days, sometimes the mobile phone buyers feel helpless and confused rather than finding the comfort of shopping. This happens just because right after entering into a shop for buying a handset you get loaded with a bunch of offers and deals knowing about all of those in detail and then deciding to go for one on the spot gets quite difficult. The best way to tackle this problem will be to opt for online shopping, taking your time in knowing these and then compare cell phone plans to trace the best out of these.

 The Best Cell Phone Plans 2015

The compare cell phone plans is the best ever way to find out which deal is suitable for you and which is not. Take for instance, the benefits and facilities like free messages, free night calls and other that are available in the contract deals are not there in any other deal. Similarly, the pay monthly deals too offer some benefits which are unmatchable with others. So, after a comparison only you will get to know which deal is perfect for you and why.

Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon Wireless is one of the highly and widely opted mobile phone service providers which are easy and open for a tie up with all widely sold mobile phone brands. So, if you have any plans of going for handsets of Nokia, LG, Motorola or Samsung then you won’t have to worry about whether you could avail Verizon Wireless or not with it. According to some, the services provided by Verizon Wireless are a bit pricey but that is what the sign of quality service is! So, if you are looking forward to get Verizon Wireless cell phones then you are always welcome to do so.

Verizon Single Line Plan Here

best cell phone plans 
best phone plans

best phone plans
best cell phone plans
Any online shopping site can guide and provide you with adequate information and deals on the Verizon Wireless cell phones. So, you can check out the offers and the charges made on these at an ease and then decide on which one to go for and why.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

If you want faster, better and satisfied services while being a mobile phone user then you would definitely like the services provided by the AT&T cell phones. AT&T is a new generation service provider which has been always up-to-the-mark in terms of delivering advanced data services to its subscribers. You can access all best services including video and music clips, high speed internet, email on the go and picture & video messaging etc just very easily after opting for the network services provided by AT&T.

AT&T Family Plan and Individual Plan

best smartphone plans
best cell phone plans
Choose More Data
best cell phone plan
  best smartphone plans

The AT&T Cell Phones are widely accessible in many parts of the world and that ranges up to more than 13,000 cities and towns. As a network provider, it has always tried to provide all lucrative offers and benefits to its subscribers that include free calling minutes, free text messaging and others.

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans

The MetroPCS Cell Phones is one of the notable service providers of USA which promises and claims nationwide coverage to all its subscribers. Formerly, this company MetroPCS Communications, Inc. was known as General Wireless, Inc. and it changed its name later on to the existing one. It is the operator of the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the entire US and is a proud service provider to almost 8.1 million subscribers. Hence, the number of the customers of this service provider only indicates how widely adopted a network provider it is.

MetroPcs Plans
best cell phone plans
 best cell phone plan

The headquarter of the MetroPCS Cell Phones is located in Richardson, Texas. The facilities and benefits that you can derive out of this service provider include mailing, messaging and social media access, mobile web and unlimited local calling.

Sprint Cell Phone Plans

You might have heard about the Sprint PCS earlier but the Sprint wireless network provider of the present times is different from what it previously was. It is today a brand of Sprint Nextel Corporation and specializes in providing uninterrupted and free-flow network services to all its subscribers. Emerged as the third largest wireless telecommunications network provider in the United States, the Sprint cell phones are found in almost every alternate hand and that only denotes how widely opted for an option it is.

Sprint Prepaid Plans
best smartphone plans
 best cell phone plans

The total numbers of customers that are currently enjoying the unmatchable services of Sprint cell phones are almost 49.9 million customers. Whether it is for smooth access of internet or barrier free calling from places, the Sprint cell phone services are perfectly ideal options.

T-Mobile Cell Phones Plans

T-Mobile is a Germany based mobile phone service provider which has recently been made its mark as a mobile phone manufacturer as well. As expected, it has been able to do justice to both its role and the customers too are pleased at its conduct. Owned by the Deutsche Telekom, it is undoubtedly the widely opted for and one of the leading service providers of the Europe and United States.

T-Mobile Family Plans
best cell phone plans
best cell phone plan

The total number of subscribers of this provider ranges up to or even more than 150 million which itself is a proof of its field and popularity in the telecommunication industry. In fact, if you are looking for the best ever and lucrative offers on the T-Mobile cell phones then the online shopping site probably would be the ideal place for you.

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As a multinational telecommunication company, T-Mobile acquires the third position in all over the world and that is encouraging enough to make people go for it.

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in 2015

Nowadays having a Smartphone is simply another one of life basic needs. Understanding all too well about reliance on those devices, mobile phone service providers are capable to charge high costs for monthly data plans and all of the other extras.

For people who just need a simple wireless plan or don't like the idea of joining a 2 or 3 years agreement, a prepaid cell phone is a good choice. These types of plans are not only flexible but permit you to purchase the service on a monthly basis.

We've collected the best prepaid cell phone plans in the market to make the look up a little easier and examined them on their cell phone choices, types of deals, and also other features.

Considerations While Choosing a Prepaid Phone
When it comes to looking for a prepaid cell phone plan, it's important to keep the following factors in mind:

Budget: if you've chose a prepaid cell phone it's probably because you wish you skim the extra from your monthly charge. Before actually surfing the offers available, figure out the quantity you really can afford to invest depending your general budget.

Plans: on regular, what exactly does the phone usage consist of? Do you spend the most of your time sending texts to family and friends? Or do you utilize your cell phone mostly to browse the Internet and check e-mail? Figure out precisely what part of your time you spend texting, data and talking. If you find that you really lean largely in a single area over the other, a pay-as-you-go plan may be your best option.

Coverage: as with any cell phone carrier, coverage is really important. First of all, make sure that the provider coverage is available in your location with high speed. You will find a map describing the coverage places on the carrier's website.

Phone Selection: not prepaid phone carriers usually operate offers which entitle you the latest phones at a reduced or small price. By charging high monthly costs and signing up in a set term agreement they're in a position to recover the cost of the cell phone. Because a lot of prepaid cell phone providers perform without contract terms and do provide a cheaper monthly price, you'll most likely spend a lot more at first for a handset. cell phones for seniors

At the end of the day, it's eventually your choice which company to sign up with. Make sure to check their network coverage availability along with the aforementioned points.

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Available Today


Boost Mobile: best prepaid phone plans

best prepaid phone plans

best Boost mobile prepaid cell phone plans

  • Unlimited voice talk, text messaging and data plan options.
  • National sprint Network
  • Basic phones or smartphone for a daily unlimited plans
  • Call Waiting/ Caller ID
  • Referral program
  • Shrinking payments
  • Data speed slow down when it reached the limit. 


Virgin Mobile: best prepaid cell phone plans 


best prepaid cell phone plans
 best virgin mobile prepaid phone plans

  • Unlimited voice talk, text messaging and data plans.
  • No activation cost fee
  • National 4G LTE
  • Lost cell phone replacement
  • Pay-as-you-go plans available
  • Keep existing mobile number
  • Carriers newest model phones
  • Cheaper monthly rates
  • Data speed slow down after it reached 2.5GB
  • Network coverage limited in some areas  


MetroPCS: best cell phone company

best prepaid smartphone plans
  best metropcs prepaid cell phone plans

  • Unlimited voice talk, text messaging and data plan options.
  • No contracts required
  • Nationwide T-Mobile coverage
  • Family plan available
  • Range of basic phones and smartphones
  • Bring your own phone choice.
  • No Pay as you go or daily plans
  • Coverage limited in some areas

Net10 Wireless: best prepaid smartphone plans


best prepaid cell phone plans
 best prepaid phone plans

  • Unlimited voice talk, text messaging and data plans
  • Pay as you go available
  • Bring your phone option
  • Basic phones and Smartphones
  • Online store available
  • 30 day plans with auto refill
  • Expensive pay as you go rates
  • Complains about network coverage.


TracFone Wireless: best prepaid cell phone plans


best prepaid phone plans
 best prepaid cell phone plans

  • No monthly fees or contract requires
  • Purchase online available or in store
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Plans includes voice talk, text messaging and data plans
  • Pay as you go available
  • Limited selection of Smartphones and basic phones
  • Not great for heavy web users or messaging